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    Reset AmAdmin password?

    Mark Walters
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      Does anyone know how to reset an unknown AmAdmin password?



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          Even i also want to know answer of this.

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            Mohammed Gharaibeh

            go to server information, SSO Setting

            there you can change the password.



            Sorry, after testing this way will not reset the amadmin password at all.

            the only way - I think - is to reinstall SSO again

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              Mohammed Gharaibeh

              Indeed as I mentioned and as confirmed by BMC, amadmin user password cannot be reset due to security issues and the only way to reset the password is to install atrium sso again.


              note that needs to re-configure the sso again and to re-install the agents.


              This is what BMC confirms:


              Unfortunately, a reset of password for 'amadmin' user is not possible due to security reasons.  You will have to uninstall and install Atrium SSO.
                NOTE: Please take a snapshot of current Atrium SSO so that you can revert to it if there are some installation issues.
                Basically, the steps will be as follows
                -> Uninstall Atrium SSO
              -> Install Atrium SSO
              -> Configure a new certificate on Atrium SSO server
              -> Configure the authentication module in Atrium SSO
              -> Integrate Midtier and AR server with Atrium SSO server
              -> Verify that you are now able to login to Atrium SSO and the Remedy application