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    custom fields not visible from DB

      Hi Experts,


      I have few doubts about overlays.


      1. How can i see the fields on an overlaid form from the sql developer ?

      2. Can i do a query on T1234 where 1234 being the schemaid id of an overlaid form in remedy,

      3. Some fields(charcter field) when i added in an OOTB form in BP mode, when i do a desc on the table, i could see the newly added custom fields along with the OOTB fields.


      4. Has any one faced any issues while migrating filters with direct sql action ? for me it shows some fields as an invalid identifier


      Appreciate all your expert advice on these issues.




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          Misi Mladoniczky



          1. There is no difference from a dabase perspective. Just look at the T, H and B tables. Or preferrably the corrsponding views which has the form name (more or less). The view name will be the same across different servers even if the schemaId changes.


          2. You should look at the overlaid forms schemaId in the arschema-table. There is also a new column in arschema called resolvedSchemaId that will tell you the name of the T-table in all cases. Regardless if you look at the overlaid form, the overlay or a custom form.


          3. Yes, but this is not really a question.


          4. Use the views, or even better, refrain from using Direct SQL at all. There is usually a way to build stuff using normal workflow.


                  Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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            For the 3rd qeustion, what i meant was certain fields which i created are available in the form when i  do a desc<table>, but certian fields are not.


            But when the custom fields were migrated, none of them were viewable when i did a desc.


            Please help me with ur suggestions.




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              Misi Mladoniczky



              Can you please describe the exact circumstances such as which fields you expect, datatypes and the difference between the systems.


              How did you get your definitions imported to the new server?


                      Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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                Hi sir,

                I had added 2 fields to the help desk form and then saved the form

                now when I do a Desc I was able to find the new fields.added in the best

                practice view


                My doubt Is how it.happened?


                And when I migrated these fields using ar migrator to the new system and

                now when I do a Desc the fields added are.not present but actually the

                fields are present (verified it from dev studio) in the form.

                Due to this  my custom SQL workflows are not firing


                I'm getting invalid identifier error


                Please help



                On Jul 30, 2012 4:28 PM, "Misi Mladoniczky" <forums@developer.bmc.com>

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                  Misi Mladoniczky



                  I suggest that you turn on API/FLTR/SQL logging and save some data in these fields. Check the SQL that gets executed when you save that data.


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                    My basic dount is this


                    I create an overlay, for eg: on helpdesk form. I can see the overlay created when i check in db(for making it sure that the overlay was created)


                    I can see the overlay. Suppose the resolved schemaid is 1234 for helpdesk form(overlay and base), now when i do a desc  T1234, will i be seeing the 50 custom character/integer/currency fields that i have created in the overlay?


                    ie if i do desc T2345, will i see the fields list down?


                    For nowm i am able to see just 3 out of the 50 fields created. How is it supposible? Did i do anything wrong ?


                    SQL logs also show that T1234.<clo_name> is an invalid identifer even if the filed is actually present.


                    NOTE: I can save values by putting into this field.


                    Appreciate your valuable feedback on this.




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                      Misi Mladoniczky



                      I still need you to turn on the ARServer-SQL log on both your servers, and sample a data update to a "missing" field, and see what happens.


                      Show us the log.

                      I understand that the data is stored OK, and you can see it when you reopen your incident, so the data must be stored somewhere.


                      You see no other error messages, right?


                      Why do you need to access the underlying T-table anyway?


                              Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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                        Laurent Matheo

                        Interesting. We had a case like this where it seemed that fields were in Developer Studio but not created on database side.

                        Though it was a bit different. We tried to import an overlay on "HPD:Help Desk" but there had been an error at import (object already in use or something like that), next time it seems it went fine, fields were in Developer Studio BUT not in database (T table).

                        Indeed the ALTER table SQL (that actually was supposed to create the fields in T table) command was in "hold" since it seems a record in database was locked, and it eventually went into timeout.

                        So there was a discrepancy between the "form description" and the database.

                        Though of course when you tried to add a new record on "HPD:Help Desk" using those "new" fields, it triggered a SQL Error immediatly.

                        Reason was that the import was done when database / environment was live and in use (don't ask me why it had been done like this) (like 50 concurrent people) and well... It failed


                        Please do what Misi asked for (SQL logs) because if you can save properly the data that means it's something else indeed and we'll know where the data is indeed stored.

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                          Rodrigo Nogueira

                          Hi all.


                          The post is old and just had this problem now.


                          The problem seems to be lack of synchronization when save the form.

                          Someone succeeded in solving?


                          The business team is generating a report in SAP and the fields (overlaid fields) do not appear.



                          Tks a lot,