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    Three Questions about Track-IT 9.5 New to this forum so be nice!

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      Hello All,


      I found out about this forum from attending a BMC user group seminar in Waltham, MA and meeting Mr. Coffey.


      He was nice enough to send me a link so I hope to get more involved with the user group, I found the BMC seminar to be very informative and I hope to attend more down the road.


      I have three simple questions about Track-IT 9.5.


      1. How do I get the autorefresh to work when viewing tickets? This drives me crazy I always have to manually refresh.


      2. Searching the Track-IT database is brutal. My network admin tells me we are performing regular maintenance on the SQL database but it is still very hit or miss. Sometimes it returns results in seconds, other times it takes minutes.


      3. I just setup a new technician and when I create a work order and assign it to them they do not get a notification. I have their email address confirgured and their account setup just like the other technicians I work with.


      Any recommendations/feedback would be much appreciated.