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    ITSM 7 and Crystal XI  (Database Vendor Code: 9021)

    Bjorn Calabuig
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      A Crystal Report shows, when executing it from within Remedy User Tool the following error:

      Failed to retrieve data from the database.
      Details:[Database Vendor Code: 9021]

      The report work fine from outside Remedy User Tool, showing that the ODBC connection works properly.

      Remedy User Tool, has ODBC User Underscores checked.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition con SP1
      SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

      ARS 7.00.01 (patch 004)
      Assignment Engine
      CMDB 2.0.1  (patch 003)
      CI Viewer
      Incident Management 7.0.02 (patch 005)
      IM+TMS AddOn 9002
      Problem Management 7.0.02 (patch 005)
      Mid-Tier (IIS6+New Atlanta+SDK1.4.2) (patch 004)
      Clients (Admin & User) (patch 004)
      Email Engine (patch 004)