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    Issues from SP1.

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      I am using 7.6.04 SP1 and I am facing following issues:


      1) SRM attachment are not forwaded to incident. Ideally srm attachment should be attached in incident work info, which is not happening.

      2) One of the regional team is facing frequent time out error.


      If I upgrade to SP2, will it solve the above issue? Is there any midtier hotfix available to SP1?? Will implementing the mid tier hotfix help in resolving the issue, since only one regional team id facing this issue, on other network app is working fine.


      In addition we have a lot customization done on the system, will upgrading the service pack affect the customizations??


      Since we have a shared platform, will it affect other customers, available on different network??

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          Guys, I need help as my users are in trouble of frequent time out issue. They clear cache and cookies but still they face this issu. I am using SP1.

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            Laurent Matheo

            1°) this has been discussed quite some times, the attached files from SRM aren't forwarded to workinfo for performance reasons:


            It seems you would have to upgrade to 7.6.04 sp2.



            2°) timeout:

            Which ones? Error 9201? In this case a mid-tier upgrade should do the trick but if it's not 9201 you'll need to give more details.


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              Thank you Laurent. Yes it is "9201".

              Now, I am curious, like I said earlier, we have multiple customers as we have offered Remedy in shared instance. We have our connectivity at their end and they are logging to the URL provided to them. Those URLs are Load Balancer, Primary and Secondary Servers.


              If we go ahead and implement SP2, how our end users will be effected? Will there be any negatve effect on them? If Yes, how to mitigate that/those?


              Looking for your quick reply.


              Thank you

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                Laurent Matheo

                Well it's "only" mid-tier so it's less "dangerous" than ARS sp2 for example.

                Though you can encounter some problems, for example some problems in reports and so on, it's always possible when you change a version.

                Though we had this problem with a customer and not having the "false positive" 9201 anymore was way better than having some other possible issues.


                The only way to know would be to test with a subset of your users in another environment and you to run some tests.


                You could try going mid-tier 7.6.04 sp4 + latest hotfix pack for it (ask the bmc support for the hotfix pack).

                It's still compatible to 7.6.04 (ARS and other modules).