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    Atrium Core Web Services 8.0- Re-isntall or Uninstall??

      A few weeks after a successful installation of Atrium Core, I tried to install the Web Services. It ended up failing. Now I get an error that says: "Installer detected that Atrium Core Web services have failed to install in the previous attempt". I found a similar but not exact problem in the forums and it says to uninstall the Services and clean the DB of the Web Services table spaces.


      First, Since the 'Atrium Core Web Services' were never actually installed in the first place, do I have to "uninstall" them. I cannot find the webservices when I run the Atrium Core uninstaller.


      Second, Is this the correct route to solve this issue (uninstall, clean database, reinstall).


      Third, How do I solve the issue of the failed installation (paraphrase of error), ***Error*** Runtime exception: an error occurred attempting to retrieve configuration information: juddi.rootPartition ***


      Thanks in advance.