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    how to execute type 2 script on other network targets?

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      I have below script, its a type 2 nsh script, which I use to update impersonation table with few values in property. If this script is ran in local network targets, it runs succesfully, but when I run it against servers which are on customer's network, the script fails. It seems like the below is script is not ran against application servers instead its running on proxy server, which dont have access to other server on which I need to run the desired command.


      Any ideas how to resolve this?, or there is some other kind of approch which I need to adapt? Please see below error and script.


      #########Error    8.10.2012 22:40:36    Unable to access test2.testmgmt.local: Error in TLS protocol



      for server in $@




      echo $server


      blcli_execute Server getFullyResolvedPropertyValue $server Z_PATROL_ACCOUNT >/dev/null

      blcli_storeenv PATROL_ACCOUNT

      blcli_execute Server getFullyResolvedPropertyValue $server Z_PATROL_PW >/dev/null

      blcli_storeenv PATROL_PW

      blcli_execute Server getFullyResolvedPropertyValue $server CUSTOMER >/dev/null

      blcli_storeenv CUSTOMER

      blcli_execute Property decryptPropertyValue $PATROL_PW

      blcli_storeenv PATROL_PW2


      nexec -i test2.testmgmt.local  cmd.exe /c "echo . | C:\tools\Te_Safe\to_run\Imperstest.cmd $server $CUSTOMER win $PATROL_ACCOUNT $PATROL_PW2"




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