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    Issue with assigning the VIRTUALIZATION* property

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      Hi all


      We are using BSA 8.1.2 and for an integration to a Cisco UCS, we have installed and configured a BSA UCS Manager server. To finish the configuration of that server, we also need to set the VIRTUALIZATION* property with the user name and password for the UCS.


      There the issue occurs. I can create a new VIRTUALIZATION property instance, and within this instance, I can create and assign a new connection.

      But when I mark the BSA UCS Manager server, go to the VIRTUALIZATION* propety and click on the "..." button, I do not see my newly created virtualization instance.

      The permissions of the new connection and the virtualization instance seems ok.


      Somehow now manually created virtualizaiton instance (with the including connection instance) gets available in the "Select value for complex type" menu to assign it to the VIRTUALIZATION* property.


      Is anyone able to help?