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    SRM:Request, how to delete a Service Request?

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      Dear all,

      After looking some discussions in this forum I found some interesting information about how to delete a Service Request from the SRM:Request form.

      But the first step that it says is that it has to be applied the deletion action (Ctrl+D), which in my case is not active. So, I've tried to modify the FORM PROPERTIES (at the Developer Studio) by checking the Delete option, but afterwards, I try to delete something but it is still not activated.

      How can I do it?


      Afterwards, what I have to do?


      1. To disable the filter SRM:SHR:Permission_001_DeleteError


      2. Delete all the data from the next forms (like it is said at this discussion: https://communities.bmc.com/communities/message/225416#225416):

      AP:Signature (SRM:Request.SysRequestID = AP:Signature.Request

      AP:Detail (SRM:Request.SysRequestID = AP:Detail.Request)

      APR:Non-ApprovalNotifications (SRM:Request.InstanceId = APR:Non-ApprovalNotifications.ParentInstanceId)

      SRM:AppInstanceBridge (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:AppInstanceBridge.SRInstanceID)

      SRM:AppInstanceFlow (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:AppInstanceFlow.RootInstanceID)

      SRM:Associations (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:Associations.Service Request InstanceID)

      SRM:QuestionResponse (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:QuestionResponse.SRInstanceID)

      SRM:SR_AuditLog (SRM:Request.SysRequestID = SRM:SR_AuditLog.Original Request ID)

      NTE:Notifier Log (SRM:Request.Request_Number = NTE:Notifier_Log.Request ID02_Ticket)

      SRM:Survey (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM_Survey.Originating Request InstanceID)

      SRM:WorkInfo (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:WorkInfo.SRInstanceId)

      SLM:Measurement (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SLM:Measurement.ApplicationInstanceID)

      SLM:EventSchedule (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SLM:EventSchedule.SLA Reference InstanceID)

      SLM:MilestoneLogging (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SLM:MilestoneLogging.Application InstanceID)

      HPD:Associations (SRM:Request.Request_Number = HPD:Associations.Request ID01 AND HPD:Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

      AST:CMDB Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = AST:CMDB Associations.Request ID01 AND AST:CMDB Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

      CHG:Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = CHG:Associations.Request ID01 AND CHG:Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

      PBM:Investigation Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = PBM:Investigation Associations.Request ID01 AND PBM:Investigation Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

      PBM:Known Error Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = PBM:Known Error Associations.Request ID01 AND PBM:Known Error Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

      PBM:Solution DB Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = PBM:Solution DB Associations.Request ID01 AND PBM:Solution DB Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

      WOI:Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = WOI:Associations.Request ID01 AND WOI:Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)


      Thanks in advance,