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    Java API for Data Export

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      Can some body guide me in writings a  java API for import/export data from a form , I have written a code to export def files ..but m not getting anything close for Data..Please help me in this




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          Laurent Matheo

          It's not that hard actually, to export data, you nearly have a full example in this thread


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            LJ LongWing


            As Laurent mentioned....export isn't all that difficult to get the data into memory....but you must choose what sort of format you want the file out to, and then you can use standard java processes to create files.  What sort of problems are you having so we can assist you?

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              Misi Mladoniczky



              If you want to keep ALL the data of a form, I would recommend that you look at the


              The basic way to do a ARServerUser.getListEntry() call to get the list or records, followed by multiple getEntry() calls.


              I can not currently find the java equivalent of the ARGetMultipleEntries() call that will bring 100 records at a time, but the getListEntryObjects() might do the trick. I don't know if it is a good idea to bring 1,000,000 records ine one go with that call though...


              To get your unchanged data back into the system you would use the mergeEntry() call, or possibly createEntry() if you want to do a normal submit and get a new Request ID, Creation Date etc, as well as run the normal submit-filters.


              An alternative would be to use RRR|Chive that is written in the C-API and will do all of these tasks very efficiently.

              Config to dump a complete system to multiple ARX-files (delta export is done the second time):

              source_server   = myserver

              source_user     = Demo

              source_password =

              target_dir      = systemdump

              multipleforms   = *

              splitsearch     = YES

              transfertype    = SYNCTOTARGET

              logfile         = AUTO

              progressbar     = YES

              Import everything from the systemdump:

              source_dir      = systemdump

              target_server   = myserver

              target_user     = Demo

              target_password =

              multipleforms   = *

              splitsearch     = YES

              transfertype    = SYNCTOTARGET

              logfile         = AUTO

              progressbar     = YES


                      Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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                Thanks for reply Guys....Laurent,Ij and Misi u guys really rock..:)

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                  Hi ij/Laurent


                  I have written a code for exporting data from a form but my purpose was diff, i want to export data in ARX format which can ve imported again to another server , Plz help me in this...

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                    Misi Mladoniczky



                    If you get your data to Java, it is not hard to produce ARX data. It is a little harder to read ARX data, but that is not a big problem either.


                    Just export an ARX-file from ARUser.exe, containing all data types, and examine it.


                    Why not use the tools that already exists?


                            Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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                      Laurent Matheo

                      Indeed, give RRR|Chive a try for export / import. If you only want some fields, just continue to use for RRR|Chive export and DataImport.bat for import with a mapping file you would have prepared that will select the fields to import.


                      I don't know (not tested enough) if you can give a RRR|Chive list of fields to export / import or if it'll import / export all fields (?).

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                        Hi Misi/Laurent


                        guys my req is like this .......thr is somethng like DB copy..which is frequently done at servers .....say every 15 days..so before doing that a backup(of some forms) is taken from the source server ..which is a manual process which consumes a lot of time..I was planning to export using a java code  in order to reduce the time.....So the the data has to be in ARX format because it has to be imported again tot he server...I have written a  code ..which returns the list ..all i want to know is how to make a arx file out of it ....And it has to be a java code ..i am not suppose to use any tool other than ARImport...


                        Misi - I have seen the ARX file ..and I feel to generate such a pattern will be tough throgh a programming language...Need ur comments on this ...


                        On emore thing guys ...Can it be done through Driver program ..Any idea ,,plz help me out in this issue

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                          Misi Mladoniczky


                          RRR|Chive can do exactly what you want.

                          One execution can dump all or some forms.


                          RRR|Chive can transfer data straight between servers or to/from ARX-files.

                          RRR|Chive can do delta transfers, meaning that you will only export those records that has been modified, added or deleted. This works when you backup from server to ARX, ARX to server and server to server.

                          It can do partial exports/imports as well where you do a normal advanced search against either the server or against the ARX-file.


                                  Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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                            LJ LongWing


                            As Misi has suggested, RRRChive looks like it will do what you need, but if for whatever reason, you can't use external tools, then tell me this....do you NEED to dump it to file?  If what you are doing is transfering data from ServerA to ServerB, you could, in your Java code, simply get your list of entries, off of ServerA, and then ARMergeEntry them into your form on ServerB, all 'live' in your code, with no need to export to file.

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                              Hi ij


                              As i have told before , I am not suppose to use a external tool...As i have told my req before also that ....DB copy occurs very frequently in my firm ..so they takes back up of some form (target server) into arx file format ..once the DB copy is done the backup data taken earlier is dumped  back in the server..so my req is very simple ..I have to export data in ARX format ..so that it can be dumbed in the same server later....I have wrttien a piece a code to extract data in getListEntryObjects, but the problem is how to convert this data into arx format ....plz comment..

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                                LJ LongWing

                                Ok...then you need to create an ARX Creator, plain and simple.  Misi has done it with RRRChive, which you can't use.  So, my recommendation to you would be this


                                1 - Create a form with every possible data type

                                2 - Populate numerous records in this form and use the ARUser to export them to an ARX

                                3 - Analyze the content of the ARX file and write the code necessary to write that same format of file

                                4 - After you have created your tool, export the same records to your new ARX file and compare them to verify they are 100% the same

                                5 - You are done re-creating the wheel, go have a relaxing drink


                                Those are unfortunately the steps I believe you must take to get where you need to go.  the ARX format is an undocumented, internally used format.  It is not supported by the API because the API is utilized strictly for communicating with the Remedy server, so there are no methods available for 'export data to ARX' (not that I'm aware of at least).


                                I once wrote an ARX Import routine...quite painfull, but possible...I later retired the code in favor of using the code provided by BMC to do the import (just imported their methods and used them instead of my own)...


                                Sorry I can't provide something simpler for you.

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                                  Hi ij....Unfortunately M not a java expert so done have that kind of expertise in java to produce the format..nyways i will work on something else like "Driver Script"  if it works ..let see...Thanks a lot for sharing information ...




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                                    Laurent Matheo

                                    Actually driver doesn't export to arx (to my knowledge).

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