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    Error connecting ADDM 8.3 and CMDB 7.6.03

      I have an issue with integration of ADDM 8.3. and CMDB 7.6.03. I was following the online guide for the configuration and sincronization but I can´t make the connection succesfull.


      After making the settings for  ADDM synchronization with CMDB, at the moment test connection the result show the next message error:

      Using 32 VM for an atrium connection. The connection test failed: Unable to log in to Atrium as Demo@ MessageType: 2 MessageNum: 90 MessageText: Cannot open catalog; Message number = 90 AppendedText:


      I have make the next test:

      network (ping, telnet, traceroute, netstat)                               All correct
      test using user Demo                                                           Test conecction failed

      review of user permissions "Demo"                                        All correct
      check the settings of the Dataset BMC.ADDM                       Correct


      I need to know if the error is in ADDM or CMDB, and find a solution

      Thanks for your help