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    New issue via e-mail Footprints 10.0.2 workspace fields not being populated

      I'm trying to configure ticket creation through e-mail and having problems with the fields not being set correctly.


      I've sent an e-mail to the associated e-mail with the subject of "getschema" to get all of the fields and their appropriate values. I've followed these instructions


      To submit Workspace or Address Book field information:
      1. In the body of the email, include a line for each Workspace field, Address Book field, Priority or Status field to be submitted.

      The Workspace field data must be in the form:fieldname=data

      1. For example, if the name of the field is Problem type, and the data is Software, then the line should be:

      problem type=software


      But the fields are not being set. I've tried adding quotes around the "data" portion of the field.


      Any ideas?