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    Questions on migrating from ADDM 7.5 to 8.3



      I'm planning on installing ADDM 8.3 to replace a previous 7.5 installation. I understand that this is a case of a basically starting again. I'm fairly new to ADDM so have a few questions I'm hoping you can help with:


      1. What's the recommendation for migrating to the newly discovered server estate which include existing servers already in the CMDB - will they be rediscovered and CI details updated in CMDB OR do I need to remove ALL discovered CIs in the 7.5 CMDB (I hoping not!)?


      2. I'm not interested in discovering Workstations, is there a way (other than by subnet range) of ensuring Workstations are not discovered or do you just have to accept a basic discovery of Workstations if they're on the same subnet as servers?


      3. What migration steps do I need to complete eg. to ensure the previous server access details are maintained?


      4. Is there anything I need to setup to define what discovered attributes of a server go where (field in a BMC Class) or is all that part of the tool? ie. is it at basic level) a case of defining what net ranges to discover and how and the tool creates suitably populated CIs in the CMDB?


      Appreciate your support.