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    BBSA console installation issues on Solaris



      We have been encountering difficuties installing the Bladelogic BBSA console on Solaris and wonder if any has encountered similar issues?


      Console installer version is 8.2 SP1 on Solaris 2.8.


      Simply executing the installer ./BBSACONSOLE82-SP1-SOL8-SPARC.bin fails with following error:


      ERROR: transport error 202: accept failed: Interrupted system call
      JDWP exit error JVMTI_ERROR_NONE(0): could not connect, timeout or fatal error [../../../src/share/back/transport.c:304]


      I found the following link related to a defect QM001720891 that BMC support say has been raised that suggests using a LAX_VM option



      Using the LAX_VM option like this did put up the GUI installer, but it didn't wait for any user input and it ran to the end saying the install was successful:

      ./BBSACONSOLE82-SP1-SOL8-SPARC.bin LAX_VM /usr/bin/java


      - However it installed the console and NSH executables under a folder literally called /DEFAULT_DIRECTORY rather than /opt/bmc/bladelogic!

      - There was no nsh link to zsh in the /DEFAULT_DIRECTORY location (so you couldn't just type "nsh") - this makes me worry that the installation is not complete


      So we removed the console and tried using the -silent install switch with an options file with the install path explicitly set using "-P installLocation=/opt/bmc/bladelogic". It made no difference at all, the installer still put the console under "/DEFAULT_DIRECTORY" and with a missing nsh link.


      Here is output of the -silent install session along with the contents of the options file :

      ./BBSACONSOLE82-SP1-SOL8-SPARC.bin LAX_VM /usr/bin/java -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="/tmp/pd/options"

      Preparing to install...

      Extracting the JRE from the installer archive...

      Unpacking the JRE...

      Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive...

      Configuring the installer for this system's environment...


      Launching installer...


      Preparing SILENT Mode Installation...



      Server Automation Console                        (created with InstallAnywhere)











      Installation Complete.



      Here is the contents of the options file:


      -P installLocation=/opt/bmc/bladelogic

      -A featureClientUtilities

      -A featureNetworkShell

      -A featureConfigurationManagerConsole

      -A featureDocumentation

      -A featureOnlineHelp

      -A featureOnlineDocumentation



      Any help would be much appreciated





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          To work around this issue, launch the installer and use the LAX_VM command line parameter to specify an existing JVM on the system (Please check the JDK version ,it should be above than JDK 1.5 or better not with JDK 1.7)



          RCPClient-installer.bin LAX_VM <path-to-java-binary>

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            I've already tried that as mentioned in the initial posting:


            ./BBSACONSOLE82-SP1-SOL8-SPARC.bin LAX_VM /usr/bin/java


            It allowed the  GUI for the installer to run but it didn't stop to wait for input and installed to a non standard location /DEFAULT/DIRECTORY rather than the expected location /opt/bmc/bladelogic)

            Also the nsh link to zsh was missing so it doesn't look like a full installation





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              I was able to successfully work around this issue by launching the installer using a jvm already on the system.



              bash-2.05# /opt/jre/bin/java -version

              java version "1.6.0_13"

              Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_13-b03)

              Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 11.3-b02, mixed mode, sharing)



              bash-2.05# ./RCPClient-solaris8-8_2-110.bin LAX_VM /opt/jre/bin/java



              The LAX_VM command line option allows the installer to be launched successfully.

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                Well, yes, using the LAX_VM option got my installer gui to run too but as mentioned it didn't wait for any input and installed the console in a strange place (/DEFAULT_DIRECTORY) and it didn't have the nsh symlink to zsh (and there might have been other missing items too).


                You mention your version of java (1.6.0_13), I checked the one on my system and it is earlier (1.4.3), the unix sys admin is seeing if it's ok install the later version and hopefully we will see iof that makes any difference?


                Best wishes and thanks for repyling



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                  Java version should be above than JDK 1.5 or better not with JDK 1.7,


                  Now that you have it partially installed, could you please  copy the 32-bit JRE directory to /tmp, uninstall the product, reinstall with LAX_VM pointing to the tmp jvm, then delete the tmp copy when the installation completes.




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                    Hi Dhiraj


                    Using the jvm bundled with the console installer didn't work, it crashed with the timeout error. That was java version 1.6.0_05. However...using java 1.6.0_27 with LAX_VM which was installed on the system as part of a Jenkins build server did work.


                    So it is indeed the version of java, very curious that the version that ships with the installer doesn't work!


                    Thanks for your help


                    Best wishes