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    schedule a job to run for next ODATE

      hi ,


      i have a requirement where i get a set of files from an external system at 5 different timings.

      Say I have file1 coming @ 3am,        

                      file2 coming @ 8:30 am,

                      file3 comes @ 10 am,

                      file4 comes @ 12 pm and

                      file5 comes @3pm


      Whevever a file comes in i need to run a set of 5 different jobs (based on the GP that i et from these systems)

      There is no problem with 1st 2 files as the files come @ 3 am and 8:30 am.

      So when a NDP runs, and AJF gets loaded @ 9 am and the runs for file1 and file 2 will be completed.

      but as the file3, 4 &5 come after 9 am i wil 2 set of jobs in AJF waiting for GP.


      will GP have any ODATE appended to it, so that the correct GP with correct odate is picked and only the relevant jobs for that ODATE run

      and the other set which should actually run for the NEXT odate keep waiting?


      If not i have though to make the job run for NEXT odate. Is there an option in controlm to schedule a job till next odate


      Please help me with this scenario.