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    polling cycle?

      BPPM collects data through integration service server from PatrolAgent.

      Can somone let me know what's the frequency of the monitoring?


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          Niranjan Panigrahi

          Hello Eric,


          The polling frequency is 5 minutes. You can change that from the admin console

          Right Click the Adapter and select Edit. Click on the Control tab




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            I didn't mean the Adapter,

            What I mean is just data collection from Patrol Agent to BPPM...

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              Data collection frequency between BPPM and Patrol agent can be changed in two places.

              One, at adapter side. Niranjan already pointed.

              Other, at Integration service Agent Configuration. We can change the value of SnapshotInterval attribute. default value is 300 sec.


              Deva Reddy

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                Mohit Pandit

                Actually it involves the polltime at Patrol side also.


                As Niranjan said, BPPM request for data every 5 minutes(by default) and then integration service request for it to PatrolAgent.

                Now along with this data(parameter values), PatrolAgent sends a timestamp(when actually the data was collected by patrol).

                Then if the time stamp matches with the one received in last pollcyccle, this data is ignored and not pushed to BPPM, but if the timestanp is updated, BPPM will store this as new data and will plot a point to graph.

                At PatrolAgent side, there may be some parameters, not collecting data every 5 minutes. For ex, in VSM KM status parameter is collected every 30 minutes, so BPPM will query for the data every 5 mins, but will store it only after 6 pollcycles(30 mins), as in continuous 5 poll cycles timestamp is not changing.


                Thank you,


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                  Where is the SnapshotInterval attribute?