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    Bug Report: Keeping web client open breaks e-mails

      My System Admin, Bob Duker, just discovered this as we go through our final steps in preparation of deployment of Track-It! 10.5SP1 and contacted BMC Support.  The support technician admitted the problem existed but instead of submitting it as a bug report to be fixed soon, he stated that he was only going to submit it as a product enhancement request.


      So I guess my question to everyone here is whether you have experienced this issue and whether or not it is something you believe should be fixed immediately or not.



      The issue is that when a web client user submits a new ticket, the summary page that gets displayed after the sumbission has been completed LOCKS the database.  During that lock, no email notifications go out.  So what we are seeing is if the end users do not close that summary status page within a short, set amount of time (the technician said what it was, but we didn't write it down), then the email notification for that new ticket will be forever lost.  The emails do not queue up and send, they simply are missed.


      To me, this seems like a pretty big flaw, but I'm all for the democratic approach and if this isn't an issue for many others, maybe we're just too sensitive to the importance of the email notifications.



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          Chris McLane

          Hi Dennis,


          I haven't heard of this yet but I am curious. Normally, new work orders submitted through Self Service do not have a technician assigned. Do you have a Skill Routing Policy setup for that, or are you defaulting a specific technician for those work orders? Without an assigned technician obviously, there would be nowhere to send the initial new work order notification.



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            Chris McLane

            FYI, I just set up a Skill Routing Policy to make sure my Self Service created work orders had a technician assigned, and I received the new work order notification without issue even though my user never closed the Summary page you referred to in Self Service. I'm doing some more testing but wanted to let you know of my progress. Thanks.

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              This is indeed very interesting; we do not have any skill routing involved in this case.  I just added one and the notifications are coming through...  I'll do a bit more testing, but at first blush it apears that this only happens when no technicians are assigned. 

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                OK, clarification:


                When you test with your own admin account (A self service account tied to the same AD account as your technician account); nothing locks out (you can't lock the work order ticket from yourself apparently).  When testing with a generic user, it continues to fail every time.


                When I tested the second time, I was using my own account to test the self-service site and was thus unable to reproduce the problem.

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                  Chris McLane

                  To be clear on what is being reported, are you saying that the REQUESTOR of the new work order is not being notified after submitting the work order and sitting on the summary screen in Self Service, or is it the Assigned Technician that is not being notified?


                  In order for the assigned technician to be notified, obviously one would have to be assigned to the work order, which doesn't happen by default from Self Service unless you have created a DEFAULT value for the Assigned Technician field, or if you had setup a Skill Routing Policy. If it is the requestor that submitted the work order that is not being notified the only things to check would be to make sure the requestor's user record has an e-mail address associated, and make sure the Event Policies have the "New work order" notifications to the Requestors enabled.


                  I am going to do some more testing this morning to see if I can replicate an issue in which technicians or requestors aren't notified if the requestor submits a work order through Self Service and sits on the summary screen after submitting it.

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                    Chris McLane

                    Ok, here is my latest test. I'm still not seeing a problem:


                    1. Created a new technician named Chris and added an e-mail address to the record.

                    2. Created a new user named Joe and added an e-mail address to the record.

                    3. Created a Skill Routing Policy with the Requestor Joe as the matching criteria so that work orders created in Self Service will be assigned to Chris by default.

                    4. Made sure my Event Policy had both "New work order" notifications enabled for the user and assigned technician.

                    5. Logged into Self Service as Joe and submitted a new work order. After submission I remained on the summary screen and did not close the browser.


                    After about a minute, both Joe and Chris received an e-mail notifying them of the new work order.


                    I then tried the same test again, but this time did not have a Skill Routing policy to automatically assign the technician. This time, only the requestor received the New Work Order notification as expected even though I left the summary screen up after submitting the work order in Self Service. My technician did not receive a notification in this case because no technician was assigned.


                    Let me know if there is another test I should try.



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                      Chris,  Thank you very much for helping track this down with us.  It looks like this might be specific to our environment.  I'm trying different things, such as changing to an exchange email account etc.  So far the results are mixed.  Sometimes the notification goes out, sometimes it does not.  Support was able to recreate the problem initially, but are treating it as a feature request and not a bug.  It's odd that you cannot recreate this issue.  Are you on 10.5 SP1?


                      My latest test:  Created user test1 with my email address in the record. checked notifications are turned on for both new workorder creation and modification, for both technician and requestor.  I logged the user into self service and created a ticket, asigned it to a technician (me) submitted it and immediately clicked on solutions to exit the ticket page.  --Email came through to both requestor and technitian.


                      Created a new note from self service, hit the submit button and stayed on the results page with the new note.  --no email to either requestor or technician.  It looks like changing over to an exchange account has alleviated some of the problems.  More on that later.

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                        Chris McLane

                        Hi Bob,

                        Yes, I am running 10.5 SP1. Something that caught my attention in what you reported above; you said you logged the user into self service and created a ticket, assigned it to a technician and submitted it. You can't normally assign it to a technician while in Self Service. How exactly are you assigning a technician to it after it has been submitted?


                        In my test, I simply clicked to create a new work order in Self Service, hit the Submit button and then waited while sitting on the "Work Order xx has been submitted successfully!" page. The user received a new work order notification without issue.


                        I never went into Technician Client (fat client) or anything. Are you by chance going into Technician Client to make any changes to these work orders? The reason I ask is that there IS for sure a designed behavior whereby if you are in the Technician Client application and viewing the details of a work order, no notifications in regards to that work order will be sent until you close the form, even if you made a change to it and simply clicked Save. As soon as the work order form is closed, the notifications will then be queued up and sent. I never saw mention of the Technician Client application in your prior posts but want to make sure.

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                          Yes, sorry, I had a policy set to do that.

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                            Yes, sorry. I had setup a policy to assign all tickets from test1 to the technician account.


                            No, I did not have the workorder open within the client.  I do, however have the client open to access the admin console so that I can make configuration changes based upon the results.


                            I have it working now with the exception of submitting notes.  That is the only time that the lock still happens.


                            What I changed that made the difference:  Email account From SMTP to Exchange. (Installed Outlook on the server).


                            I suspect that with a little troubleshooting, support could have come up with an answer, but punted in this case with the feature request approach.  not having the notifications going out for adding notes (modifying the ticket) is not a big deal for us, it was not getting the urgent ticket notifications handled for our PD that was keeping me up at night.

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                              Chris McLane

                              Interesting. In my environment I use SMTP. There should be no differene in whether a work order is "locked" based upon the e-mail system. As far as only adding notes in Self Service and sitting on the summary page, my user still received a "work order modified" notification so not sure what else it could be. I don't recall if I tested to see if the technician received the notification. I'll test that next. Thanks.

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                                Chris McLane

                                Ok, so I finally tested simply adding a note to the existing work order in Self Service and stayed on the summary page afterward, and both the user and assigned technician received a "work order modified" notification. Sorry Bob, I wish I could help further but I am just not seeing where there is a problem. Let me know if I can do any further testing to help pin it down.