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    Can't See CIs in the CMDB but They are There!

      I just completed an import from a SQL Server database view and I cannot see the list of CIs when I select the "Home" button to view the CMDB records. I've has this same problem in the past uploading CIs from a CSV file.


      Now...here's the thing. If I export from the "Home" page of the CMDB where I should see the list of CIs but I do not using the CSV button on that page I get a CSV file that lists all of the CIs according to the view that I configured under Miscellaneous Options on the Administration page of the CMDB. But still no list on the "hone" page.


      Also...if I perform a custom search selecting the items that are in the CMDB and all of the fields that were in the SQL database as part of the view and look at the results on the Results tab I still get no list. But from that Results page if I export to CSV I get everything that was part of the view...the header row and all of the data.


      So the question is why can't I see that information from the "Home" page of the CMDB or by using a custom search?