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    SRM 7.604: Problem with PDT variables.



      I've a problem with PDT variables:

      I want to create an incident from a service request with user defined Description and Detailed Description.


      1. I've created a AOT with 2 parameters (target data) - Description and Detailed Description.

      2. I've created a PDT with this AOT and defined 2 variables which I've related to AOT parameters (Description (marked as required) and Detailed Description).

      3. I've created 2 Questions (Theme and Detailed Description) and mapped them to the PDT variables.

      4. ... completed SRD.


      Then I try to submit my Request - the Request is created in Staged status, but the Incident isn't created and in the Request I've this error :"Required information is missing/invalid.  Please be sure to specify valid values for the following fields:  First Name, Last Name, Service Type, Status, Impact, Urgency, Description and Reported Source.**** Error while performing filter action: Error 48272"


      Well, if I define Description's default value to something it will work and an Incident will be created with this Description's default value, but not with Description from the answer and Detailed Descriptoin will be empty.


      Can anyone help me?


      Kind Regards,