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    IBRSD on BPPM Remote Agent Cell

    NovRain .



      I have the following setup:


      Patrol Agents (Data Collectors) --> BPPM Server (Management Server, Server1) --> BPPM Cell (on BPPM Server, Server1) --> Consolidation Cell (BPPM Remote Agent, Server2) ---> Presentation Cell (BPPM Remote Agent, Server2)


      Now I want to integrate the Presentation Cell (on Server2) with remedy via IBRSD. The problem is the IBRSD components specific to Impact Managers is installed on the BPPM Server (Server1) as part of BPPM Cell installation and I am not able to find a seperate IBRSD installation which I can use to deploy IBRSD on my presentaion Cell (Server2).


      Has anybody before the used BPPM remote agents (cells) for their primary event management and integrated with Remedy?

      Any valuable solutions are welcomed.




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          Gunanand Nagarkar

          You could put the IBRSD gateway entry in the remote cell .dir file on Server2 and then create policy on that remote cell to propagate the needed events to IBRSD.

          If you get into bottleneck of how many events IBRSD can process to generate events, you can create another instance of IBRSD on Server1.

          Rather I would suggest to create a seperate IBRSD instance for the remote cell on Server2.




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            NovRain .

            Thanks Gagan,


            I would want to have an instance of IBRSD runnning on Server 2 n roder to isend events from Presentation Cell to Reemdy, but I am unable to find an installion binary in order to install an IBRSD instance on Server 2 (Remote Agents). The BEM core components executable fails to install IBRSD.

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              Gunanand Nagarkar

              I don't think IBRSD comes as a seperate installer in BPPM.




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                NovRain .

                Thats where the problem arises. I don't want to send my events from Server2 (Presentation Cell) back to BPPM Manageemnt server (Server1) for integration  to Remedy. I dont want any event processing or forwarding happening through my BPPM Managemt server (Server 1) apar from the core BPPM cell which propogates the events to my Consolidation Cell on Server 2.


                Can I install just the IBRSD component on my Server 2 from the BPPM installation? If not then I guess I have to go with a seperate BEIM installation on Server2 rather than using BPPM Remote agents as my processing and presentation cells.


                Let me know if there is a way out

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                  NovRain .



                  How can another instance of IBRSD be created on Server2 (hosting Remote Cell)? Can you please help me understand this in more detail/



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                    Gunanand Nagarkar

                    The user guide has the details about how to create/setup/run multiple instances of IBRSD.


                    On the need of having IBRSD installed separately, I would suggest to open a RFE with BMC.




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                      Lalit Gupta



                      Have you got any solution for the issue,have you got the IBRSD dump for installation on remote cell.


                      Warm Regards

                      Lalit Gupta

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                        Amziane Hamedi



                        A bit late but if it can helps someone.


                        You can use your instance of ibrsd installed on the server 1 by propagate event from server 2 to this IBRSD (server 1) the bppm cell will not process those event. Just specify your presentation cell (server 2) in the config of IBRSD to get response from ARS.


                        If you still looking for the installer of IBRSD for BPPM, you can find it by downloading cmdb extension as those extension are mandatory to execute this install of IBRSD (per exemple, I find the installer of IBRSD by downloading the cmdb extension for bppm 8.6.02 SP1 in the patches section)