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    IBRSD on BPPM Remote Agent Cell

    Nishant Garg



      I have the following setup:


      Patrol Agents (Data Collectors) --> BPPM Server (Management Server, Server1) --> BPPM Cell (on BPPM Server, Server1) --> Consolidation Cell (BPPM Remote Agent, Server2) ---> Presentation Cell (BPPM Remote Agent, Server2)


      Now I want to integrate the Presentation Cell (on Server2) with remedy via IBRSD. The problem is the IBRSD components specific to Impact Managers is installed on the BPPM Server (Server1) as part of BPPM Cell installation and I am not able to find a seperate IBRSD installation which I can use to deploy IBRSD on my presentaion Cell (Server2).


      Has anybody before the used BPPM remote agents (cells) for their primary event management and integrated with Remedy?

      Any valuable solutions are welcomed.