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logfile monitoring by PatrolAgent & BPPM

ERIC NameToUpdate

Hi all,


We use BPPM8.5 with IS and collect data from PatrolAgent.

Our requirement is to monitor logfile(unix) and BPPM shows event which contains msg of whole line of logfile which contains the matched key words.

I know that patrolagent can send ONLY numeric data to BPPM via IS, normally.

But my case is not just numeric, it's msg strings.

Have someone implemented this logfile monitoring?

I need to know what kind of bmc s/w need? and how to configure it?

I would appreciated it if someone could shed some lights on this issue.

Thank you,


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    Sameer Pataskar

    Hi Eric,

    In log file monitoring, you would specify the string that you wish to monitor in log file, time at which patrol agent finds the string it will send an alarm to Bppm.

    If you wish to get an alarm for boolean parameters you can deploy BII4P. This will collect patrol events and it will send to BPPM cell.

    However, with the requiremets which you specified, i dont think you would need BII4P.

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    Brian Morris

    To get the actual line of text in the log which tripped the alert, you need to have BII4P.  These events will come into BPPM as the class PATROL_EV, not ALARM, just fyi.  I believe the parameter is LOGmatchString (or something similar) that you need to configure to send to BII4P.