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    IS AIE mandatory for ADDM Installation?

      Hi ,


      Q1: Is AIE mandatory for ADDM installation or we can integrate ADDM with CMDB without AIE installation.?


      Q2: Do we require other server for AIE installation or we can install AIE on AR server where we have installated ARS and CMDB, like which is recommended?

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          HI ,


          1. First question: Which version of CMDB are you planning to install..?


          AIE is a feature which is available in CMDB suite and yes as the name itself says it helps in integrating other BMC & third party tools with CMDB.


          For integration with ADDM there are some extensions which need to be run using the CMDB Maintenance tool. But that was required only for versions before 7.6. For versions 7.6.00 and above there is no need to run the extensions as the attributes needed for the ADDM integration (eg: ADDMIntegrationID etc..) already exist in the new CMDB CDM. ADDM only requires the Server Name, Admin User Name, Pwd, and a staging dataset to synch all the discovered data from ADDM to CMDB. Usually it is BMC.ADDM.


             2.  If you have a server grouped architecture then you can use a different server as the Administrator server for AIE runs, simply to distribute the load.



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            Thanks Amy for such quick response.



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