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    List of permissions for Staff profile

      Where can I find the list of all permissions(vf pages, object permissions, field level security,tabs, apex classes,etc.) to be assigned for a Staff profile?

      I require these as we need to retain few profiles as Staff members in Remedyforce.

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          Paul Donders

          Hi Shiva,

          When you open in SFDC the section "Administration setup", Manage users, profiles, you can click on the Service staff profile. In this page you see all assign permission, Visualforce pages and Apex classes.


          Paul Donders

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            Thanks Paul.


            I have already got a view on it. I am actually looking for some kind of document where I can find all the Staff related permissions at one place, just like it is in the "Getting Started Guide" for Clients. Is there some kind of that for Staff profile too?




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              Mike Leveiller

              Shiva... did anyone ever give you an answer?? I can't help but wonder if BMC have any admins out here at all. I've had so many unanswered questions going back 2 years now!!


              I'd like to know this as well. We're having the same type of issues with our profiles

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                Mike, there are both product people and marketing folks that monitor the Communities.  The explosive growth of Remedyforce has indeed put us in a position where our education teams are responding and putting together training/admin type materials...  Candidly, most of the training for our customers happens in their onboarding process.  Most of what you have mentioned here revolves around force.com platform stuff, not the Remedyforce solution itself, but we'd love the opportunity to help you through the issues.


                I'll work with you directly to get answers as best we can.  Please contact me direct via email with your list and we'll go from there!




                Steve Hanson

                Product Marketing Manager & Remedyforce Evangelist


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                  Mike Leveiller

                  Thanks Steve, I will send you a detailed email tomorrow. We have been on the onboarding process since Jan/Feb and we just feel like we are re-inventing the wheel here. We didnt think it would take this long. I understand that our company may be a little different than most but still.

                  Also, we have just recently upgraded to the spring relase just 2 weeks ago and using the SF view (v2) and it's not 'pretty' to say the least.

                  Our Salesforce team have been going at this since 2010 and we feel that these profiles have been messed up so any help would be great.



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                    Shiva, the Getting Started document does give the same information.  And the latest and greatest is always available via the "help" functionality and search.  There were significant improvements in the Spring release around profiles, as we introduced the concept of configuration segementation, conceptually allowing different profiles to have different configurations, page layouts, etc.


                    Additionally, using the method Paul suggested earlier, you can get to the Staff Profile (or clones if you've made them) and view all the details (including the possibilities) .



                    STEVE HANSON

                    Sr. Product Marketing Manager & Remedyforce Evangelist


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                      From Winter 13 release, there are permission Sets for Staff, ChangeManager, ReleaseCoordinator and Client users that come default with the package. This is a lot helpful as now one can just clone the Permission Set (as Tabs and app permissions won't come by default with these permission sets), add any other required access(Tabs, Remedyforce app,etc.) and associate the PermissionSet with the user.




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                        Samruddhi Patil

                        Shiva, It is recommended that you do not clone the default permission sets since only the default permission sets will get updated with access to new pages,tabs,fields,etc. when you upgrade to newer versions of Remedyforce.


                        I would suggest that for a staff member assign the default Staff permission set to the user. To provide access to tabs, Remedyforce app or any additional permissions you can do either of the following:

                        1. Configure the visibility of tabs, Remedyforce app in the user's profile OR
                        2. Create a new permission set with these additional permissions(tabs,app,etc.) and assign this newly created permission set to the user. (Note that in this case you will have 2 permission sets assigned to the user - default staff permission set and the permission set having access to tab,app,etc.)

                        Hope this helps.




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                          Thank you Samruddhi. It's really helpful.