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CTM:People Record is missing

Ashwanth Padmanaban



one of the CTM:People record is missing...its been deleted...either it could be setting the Status to Deleted and then workflow deleted that or else somebody would have done CTRL+D ....


in both the way how do we figure out who has done this?? through which user login this has been done....



Audit is not enabled for the People Form....and i was thinking of status history table but when a record in T table is deleted that would also delete it from Status History as well isn't it?? ...


so any ideas how we figure out...from your experience pls share

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    Aditya Kovur

    Hi Ashwanth,


    This is possible if u have SQL Logs. I am not sure if you have any other way.



    Aditya K

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    Saroj Sahu

    In case the record was deleted using workflows, possibly there will an entry in the arerror.log for "Application-delete-entry" command.

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    Laurent Matheo

    Can you give a try at form "CTM:AuditLogSystem"?

    I made a test on 7.6.04 sp2 and if someone tryes to change status it's logged there.

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    Laurent Matheo

    Once status is set to manually "Delete" I tried to delete the people (and it deleted it of course ) but it created another line in the "CTM:AuditLogSystem" so you should find the information you seek in this form I guess.



    It's action "8".

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    RM Raja



    In the CTM:AuditLogSystem form we can see the status of the record but not the user name or login Id so if you remember the User name or Persion Id then we can Identify who has been deleted the reocrd.


    We could not see the Deleted user name or login Id and only the Persion Id is availabe but we can see the who has been modifed the People record.


    @Laurent: Please correct me if am wrong



    Raju M.


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    Aditya Kovur

    Hey Ashwanth,


    Just a wild thought. I do not have a  system handy to check my theory which goes like this.


    When a person record is created there is a record created in the Person Class. Can you check if this record exists and if Yes, checking the Last Modified By and Date might help.


    Keep us posted.



    Aditya K

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    Amey Bagwe

    Very good thought actually...but again it depends on the version, if it is 7604 the synch does not work as expected...but as Aditya has suggested you can try either making some changes to the record in BMC_Person class and promote it again....should create a record in the CTM:People form...




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    Saroj Sahu

    Ashwanth, did you find the solution? If yes, please share if ok.

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    Mahendran TM

    Just a thought to share....


    Although i am not sure how you can get the details of the user who deleted the record in this scenario but i have seen a small application (With few forms and workflows) which will store the user details who View/write, IP address of the client, Inc/Prob/Chg/Ppl ID, Form name etc.,


    Basically it logs the above information once the user opens and save any record. I think this has been implemented only to some important forms like Incident, Change, Problem... and the requirement came from the security requirements. May be for you it is a good start to develop this requirement in your environment