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    Active links ?

    Fernando Negre



      I just want to copy the active links from one hypervincule (number 2 in the draw) to another hypervincule (number 1 in the draw). I have export the 5 active link, edit and change the name and after that import them.



      But when I try to insert them like active link throug the property in the form they do not appear. I have checked permissions, base development....


      Any ideas?



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          Ashwanth Padmanabhan

          so you are saying that you have a button which is displayed as hyper link and you want to take the active links which are running on the button 1 and rename it and attach it to button 2 and import it back???


          if i understand you correctly then you need to export all the active links which is tagged to button 1 this you can figure out in the dev studio click that button go to properties of that field and see the Active Links associated with it...


          now note down the names and do an export one by one...now in the def you edit the names with a suffix/prefix and import back through Best Practise Development mode so that these Active Links would be categorized as Custom...now open up those Active Links one by one and in the Execute Option you need to point it from Button 1 to Button 2.....



          then of course you need to flush the midtier and local browser cache before testing...in the midtier

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            LJ LongWing

            There is no need to edit the Def File, on import you can choose a different object name in the import window.

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              Fernando Negre

              I have followed the steps you tell men and no way. The new imported actived link is not apearing in the selection of active links (see the image)


              Maybe permissions, or login (demo in the developer) has to be relation with this problem??



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                Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                so if you open up the Active Links that you imported with different names, you are sure that it has been triggered(Execute On) on UIControlURLField only?


                if thats the case then it could be developer studio cache refresh issue...just log out from dev studio...when loggin in specify(create another) workspace and then login, open the form..double click the button go to the properties and check whether your Active Links are apearing or not....



                You can also flush your midtier and local browser cache and then login in to web(browser) and click that button and see those Active Links are firing or not?? make sure all the Active Links has right permissions(Public or whichever is necessary).....to confirm through clients

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                  Fernando Negre

                  It has to be something else.



                  I create an active link

                  I introduce its execution options

                  I open in the button of the form


                  If I do these steps with ARDBC LDAP Configuration Form is working properly. But if I do the same steps with CFG:StandardConsole Form or AREA Ldap Configuration Form is not working properly. The active link does not appear.


                  Also, when I create the button in the form AREA Ldap Configuration Form, and I save it, It appears this message:

                  "You have specified an id for following fields which is outside the BMC reserver range

                  Do you wish to continue?"


                  thank you.

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                    Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                    are you in base development mode and doing customization???


                    atleast what i see is if you are doing any customization, it has to be of Best Practise Customization Mode, then only your Custom Objects would be visible for you.....


                    and this message


                    "You have specified an id for following fields which is outside the BMC reserver range

                    Do you wish to continue?"


                    is something that there is a specific range in the field ids which are meant for the Base Development Mode for BMC, when BMC creates some fields they would use this id range so that they would not collide with the users customization id range and user would not face any conflicts with the out of the box field range.....if bmc(any developer from bmc) tries to create a field and not specifying the id range which is meant for bmc range then he will end up with this error....



                    And when you open up the Active Links which you imported...it is tagged to which application and also what is the type of that Active Links....Custom? Overlay? Base???

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                      Fernando Negre

                      I have tried this base development mode and best practice also.


                      It has to be something about this kind of forms: CFG:StandardConsole Form , AREA Ldap Configuration Form ... does not accept this active links.


                      And ARDBC LDAP Form... accept the active links.


                      any ideas?

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                        Fernando Negre

                        It is something relation with the cache of the developer. Maybe I changed to another workspace and again I have selected the first. It has to be something in this way. When I am sure I will write here.

                        But really It is realy an huge bug. I have lost days in 'nothing'.


                        thank you.