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    Unrestricted access & entitlements

      We have 'Unrestricted Access' property in the 'People' records of users and I was told that therefor the entitlement restriction for SRDs is not possible.


      But when I tried, something was restricted. Just not, what I wanted. So I assume it could work.


      So I am asking for help of what to enabled/disable and what entitlements to add to get following working:


      Global and Company A SRDs should be visible by Company A users.

      Company B SRDs should be visible by Company B users.


      If it's too complicate with the global SRDs, I am willed to delete them and recreate them as Company A SRDs.


      I am just lost, because of the different places where entitlements are mentioned, like Entitlement rules, People Qulification Management, SRD Qualification Management and the Entitlement Option in the SRDs themselves.

      So a step by step, what to do where would be more then appreciated.


      Thanks a lot for you help in advance!

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          Raju Mangali

          Hi Hmann,


          For un-restricted access you can see all SRD belongs to the user company which you have added in the Access Restriction table.


          Coming to the Entitlements issue:


          For "Company A" users create an Entitlement group in the Entitlement Console(Open this console through Object list and Type Entitlement Consol in text and press enter u see the form name called: Entitlement Console) and add all Company A users in that group.


          So now for which SRD's u want visbile for the Company A users then add the above group in the SRD Entitlement Table.


          Now check the issue and see the results.


          The same procedure can be applicable for the Company B users also.


          For more information you can also see the SRM Configuration and Administrator guide.



          Raju M.

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            Raju Mangali

            Once you done the above procedure, remove the un-restricted access for the users.



            Raju M.