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    Server monitoring with FPAC and FPSC

      Now that Numara don't have a server monitoring product, I'm trying to find a "good fit" for an Asset Core and Service Core environment.


      Basically I'll have Inventory Manager, Deployment Manager, Patch Manager and Compliance along with Service Core plus CMDB.


      I also need to provide server monitoring capabilities for a very low price - one of my colleagues is pushing for ManageEngine which is at the very low end of the market.  I only need basic capabilities - up/down, disk space, CPU, services and memory - nothing fancy


      Since the various BMC offerings that cover server monitoring are at the high end, and Numara no longer has a monitoring tool, I was looking at Solarwinds Server and Application Monitor, and sending alerts via e-mail into Service Core for action/escalation where required.  Sure, there's no "single pane of glass" but it's the closest fit based on budget.


      Any other suggestions?

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          Good day Simon,


          In Product management we have some thoughts on this topic. I'd like to know if you have some time to possibly discuss this. If you are interested please email me at Zane_Bond(at)bmc.com.

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            In our environment, we use Zenoss for monitoring.  Since Zenoss primarliy uses SNMP and WMI to communicate with the monitored devices, it is basically agentless. Zenoss can also use any Nagios style plugins, which opens up the entire Nagios universe of tools.  We have created a webservices interface that allows Zenoss to automatically create, update, and close Footprints issues based on whether an alert has been created or cleared.  We have also created an interface using ODBC and webservices that allows us to import our entire Zenoss configuration into the Footprints CMDB.


            Zenoss has a free version of the software available at http://community.zenoss.org.  There is a large and active user community supporting the community version.  There is also an enterprise version available if you wish to have paid support. http://www.zenoss.com


            There is a lightweight event console tailored for iPhone usage at http://sourceforge.net/projects/zipec/


            good luck,


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              Thanks for the response there dr_jackmore, it sounds like you've done quite a lot there, and the updating/creating tickets sounds very interesting, particularly the fact that it can update a ticket when the alert is cleared - very impressive!!!  Are you guys interested in sharing or selling this?