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        Alex Kim

        I tested using cCredentials Test tab, Test IP access but getting failure.  ssh, telnet, rlogin all fails.

        I added proxy server in Windows proxies, do I need to add something to proxy pool below?

        I tried credential test on workstation I was running the test from failed saying ssh, telnet, rlogin failure.  Does windows proxy connects to VM hosts also?



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          Andrew Waters

          You must have something wrong as it does not say that it has tried the proxy.


          In the following picture there is one Active Directory proxy pools named ad pool with a range .*, i.e. any endpoint.


          Inside the pool is a single Active Directory proxy named new ad with status active which means that ADDM can  communicate and use the proxy.


          Does your proxy look anything like this?


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            Alex Kim

            Thanks Andrew.

            I'm not sure if running proxy from VM host or windows desktop but I wasn't able to get it to work on VM hosts but it works fine from desktop.  It should wotk from VM hosts, right?

            Anyway, I finally have success (both windows and unix), I guess windows discovery also finds VMs.

            The question, now I have is what about network switches/routers.

            How do I discover them?



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              Andrew Waters

              We have lots of proxies running on VMs, so yes they do work on VMs.


              You will need to set up SNMP credentials (see here), assuming the devices are supported (see here).


              The latest Xenolith pre-release has capabilities for a user to set up information to allow discovery of similar devices which are not directly supported. Being a pre-release does not mean this will exist in a released product.

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                Alex Kim

                my SNMP discovery is not working.  I set up credentials (tried both v1 and v2c) and ran test but getting time out.

                Any sugestion?



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                  Andrew Waters

                  Is SNMP enabled on the devices you are trying to discover?

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                    Alex Kim

                    Got SNMP community string from network admin so it's running now. 

                    By the way, that does vCenter and vSphere credential do?  does that discover VM server, it looks like windows credential discover VM hsots.



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                      The VCenter and vSphere credential is used to discover VMware ESX and ESXi hosts ( http://discovery.bmc.com/confluence/display/83/Discovering+VMware+ESX+and+ESXi+hosts describes how ADDM discover VMware ESX and ESXi hosts)  

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                        Alex Kim

                        Thanks.  I haven't get around to VCenter and VSphere credential yet but do I just need credential for 1 or both.

                        Also scan discovered 1 Router but when I clicked on Host connected to network Device in Reports it says no results found.  Network Admin said all hosts are directly connected to that switch in testing env.

                        And this is what I see in Ports Details when I click on that switch.

                        There're 5 and 4 shows Full Duplex.  The ones with Full Duplex says Missing Field Negotiation in Data Completeness Issues section at the bottom and the one not showing Full Duplex says Missing Fields Duplex, Negotiation.  Have you seen this?



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                          Alex Kim

                          Ok, now thing are looking better, however, when I try to run CMDB Sync it fails.

                          I created a dataset in CMDB, BMC_ADDM.  But it says dataset not found.

                          I can see the dataset from CMDB but when I go to AIE, I only see 00000000020 and not BMC.ADDM but that datasetid is what I used when creating.  So where did it go wrong?



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