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Refresh the CI being edited when updating a change

Jason W

As part of my change management process I update the version of a CI following change imlpelemtation. This is done by double-clicking on the configuration item and then I can update the name and version of the CI as I have Asset Admin permissions.


Sometimes when the CI is doubel-click from the relationship a CI that previously has been opened appears. This can be resolved by hitting ctrl f5 to clear the browser cache but obviously this is not the most efficient resolution. Is there a way that this can be resolved using a remedy setting?



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    LJ LongWing


    If a Ctrl-F5 is giving you what you want, I think that it would be a client cache issue, not a server issue...you could obviously set your IE to always get a fresh copy of the page instead of using the default setting of 'automatic'

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    Jason W

    Thanks for the speedy response but sadly this doesn't seem to have any impact on the issue

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    Laurent Matheo

    Which mid-tier version do you have? Perhaps you can try latest "sp" of it, for example if you have mid-tier 7.6.04, try installing mid-tier 7.6.04 sp3.

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    Jason W

    Hi Laurent


    Already got AR Server version 7.6.04 SP3. Is that what you mean?



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    Laurent Matheo

    Yes. Then you can try latest hotfix for mid-tier sp3.

    The one I have is the "MT_7604SP3_2012JUL07_CU_ALL", you need to ask it to BMC support, perhaps there is a more recent one.


    If it doesn't solve your issue, perhaps you'll have to open an issue with BMC support... Does it happen with all browsers or just IE for example?

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    Jason W

    My boss isn't keen on applying hotfixes etc. Do you have a link to what is included in the hotfix you mention?

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    Laurent Matheo

    Here is a list:


    It seems this one too is solved:



    Defect ID Description

    SW00428216     Security Vulnerabilities - Cross Site Scripting Issue

    SW00428220     Security Vulnerabilities - SSL Cookie Not Used

    SW00424701     Need to provide support for httpOnly cookie attribute in Midtier

    SW00433887     Auto Complete makes unnecessary backchannel call when all required menu items are already loaded

    SW00433686     Compatibility issues with Firefox 13- scrollbars on single line character fields, blacked out background forms during modal popup

    SW00421038     When Mid-Tier uses SSL the workflow log window is reset every time a new window is opened

    SW00433102     Mid-Tier throws error (Error: '0.id' is null or not an object) when refreshing a table with sorted Grouped rows and browser screen goes blank.

    SW00420988     When a tool tip is open, table column sort does close the tool tip and does not refresh the UI causing the wrong record in the table to open.

    SW00431407     Midtier Native report exports causing CPU to spike

    SW00431989     Issue with Web Reporting functionality

    SW00432001     Javascript error window.weOpener.window.getChildWindowIDFromName is not a function

    SW00430897     Web Reports retrive all the data on first chunk request

    SW00429473     Listbox menus do not show in MidTier when character field display type is set to Drop Down List

    SW00430432     Attachments set via a Service Action on a Attachment Field failed to open with a ARERR 106

    SW00424037     BIRT reports exported to Excel show mulitple sheets, one each for every page of data exported.

    SW00411244     CCM Calendar having issues with filtering

    SW00431083     MidTier CPU spiking with minimal set of users (thread contention)

    SW00430923     Certain user names can stop browser-side processing, tripping up parsing of keywords when searching.

    SW00427734     "Long" Hyphen/Dash Characters display incorrectly when pasting into Work Notes field on Incident form

    SW00418664     Close Window active link action issue with IE 8


    SW00428432     Tool tip sometimes causes "null" to appear in the center of the browser window

    SW00429861     Runtime Exceptions during GetHTMLScriptForViewField Backchannel calls cause malformed responses to the browser resulting in Caught Exception errors

    SW00429804     Access URL must be same as base_url for Web Report to work

    SW00429605     ARERR 361 when running AR System Report from Report Console/Report Selection/Reports form against a 7.1 AR Server that allows unqualified queries

    SW00428976     background.swf continues to load even after Flash is disabled in config.properties using arsystem.flash.enable_ui_rendering=false

    SW00426226     Skin Definitions are causing cache html/js form invalidation, affecting performance

    SW00427386     Type ahead template selection not showing all templates (auto complete, no scroll).

    SW00428348     Double clicking an incident/change/etc from the results list opens up a new window with the results.

    SW00426324     Vertical & Horizontal scroll bars on the Landing Console & Overview Console when using IE9

    SW00420319     Problem with time stamp on Reporting console and Excel Export, shows server time not customer time

    SW00427080     The mid-tier is doing a GLE call to return all records for an AR System report instead of multiple GME calls.

    SW00424449     Application Fly out remains in Loading state if we log on with unrestricted user having knowledge submitter permission

    SW00426765     Web Report causes table scan, DB CPU to spike, compromising performance and causing production outage

    SW00422854     Readonly/Locked fields can be edited via expand box if opened before the field is made readonly

    SW00422847     Table Refresh Interval

    SW00423582     Unable to deploy Mid-Tier war file on JBoss 6.1.

    SW00421355     Input Length s not a constraint for characters typed with <AltGr> key.

    SW00418051     RTF fields showing white background in Mid-tier, grey background in Dev Studio.

    SW00413020     Password redirect had an absolute URL in the body of the http response

    SW00417797     Un-Display Active Link does not execute the AL as required in Mid-Tier.

    SW00430624     Not possible to double click entries in menus when presented as list boxes.

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    Jason W

    Thanks for this Laurent.


    Am I missing a trick as I can't see any reference to the issue I am having

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    Laurent Matheo

    I think it's worth a try. I know at least two issues that aren't referenced in the defect list that are solved.

    I'm not sure the list is complete...