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ITSM Preconfigured Stack Installation

Rakesh Mishra



I need to know which approach is better Stack installation or one by one installation of each module.


Does Stack Installer given on BMC site under BMC ITSM Suite 7.6.04 installs the latest ARS and CMDB 7.6.04 SERVICE PACK 3. or there is seperate installer for that.

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    Laurent Matheo

    Hi Rahul

    This question has been asked quite some time , search for "SSI" (Suite Stack Installer), you'll have a couple of threads, like those ones:





    Basically it's easy / fast to install as it's a database restore but installations options are limited (at installations) and all locales are installed.

    There are some combinations available (Windows + Oracle, Windows + SQL Server, Linux + Oracle) and it needs a unicode database, but all this is detailed in the threads I gave

    So it can be interesting for a POC or a test rig.


    With individual installers you control what you install


    As for SSI versions, if you look in EPD in "Licensed Products" tab (once logged into EDP), it'll be the 7.6.04 version.

    If you look info the "Product Patches" tab, it'll be 7.6.04 sp2 suite

    So no it's not the "latest / latest" since ARS 7.6.04 sp3 and atrium core 7.6.04 sp3 are out.

    I guess if you want to upgrade to latest SP3 you can install SSI and then run the two upgrades once SSI is installed.

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    Laurent Matheo

    Hi again.

    -> I installed SSI 7.6.04 sp2 on a Windows + MS SQL Server (both 2008 r2 sp1 x64 enterprise).

    -> Then I upgraded to ARS 7.6.04 sp3 (individual installer).

    -> Then I upgraded to cmdb 7.6.04 sp3 (individual installer) (added AIE since it's not installed by SSI),


    If you try this though you should know that if you have database on the same VM (as I did since it's a test rig), you'll need 10 GB or RAM for the upgrade part. Even with sql server limited to 4 GB (for me) it jumped in the end of ARS installation to 9.39 GB ram used...

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    Rakesh Mishra

    Thanks Laurent for your comments and information regarding the threads.

    Actually i need to do fresh installation on LINUX server so looking for

    some information regarding that. I am checking the threads given by you.

    It is very helpful.



    *RAHUL ***

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    Laurent Matheo

    It's the same principle I tested on Windows + SQL Server because I have a "VM template" ready.

    On Linux if you install SSI you are "limited" to Linux (Red Hat) + Oracle (11g).