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        ..... and should it be a PSL command type ? "%PSL" :?:

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          clifford neilson


          Yes I have done this, using pure PSL. Depending on the following you ight want to accomplish this in a different manner:

          1) Size of your enviroment.
          2) Type of servers.
          3) What Performance Manager components you have installed.
          4) Firewall constraints on default port (should be open for PCM anyway)

          Things to remember:

          1) Licensing is based on physical not logical CPU beware dual/quad core processors, hyperthreading / multithreading.
          2) Beware partitioned machines, you will be charged for all processors in machine, not just those active for a partition.

          There are probably a few more gotchas, but just be carefull you don't land up paying for what you do not use.

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            here is an example of  the type of target host matrix any Patrol admin worth their money should maintain .....  I also have ones that do VU mapping also.  This kinda stuff is Patrol fundamentals .......  step 1  

            server names removed to protect the innocent .....


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              arrgghhh ......

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                Adam Lewis

                "I always (try to) keep an up to date target host matrix in excel that includes CPU counts, if a site is VU based licencing then (via formulas) convert the CPU's into tiers and then tiers map to VU's , then use formulas to add up the VU's used.

                You can run a one liner on a console to get the CPU count on managed servers and log it into a file, thats what I do anyhow.

                Probably dig you out an example if you want .. ?

                are you looking to covert to CPU based licences per chance ?"

                I would love an example!!! I would save my boss and I hours every year!

                Our license is a CPU based situation, and I'm trying to develop something to do it all automatically.

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                  Adam wrote&#58;<br /><br />from the system output window&#58; <br />%PSL phmColl -s tcp&#58;scar&#58;2059 -c getReport <br /><br />I get&#58; <br />&lt;_PSL_patrol7@_scar_18076_19cc30&#58;;136&#41;_306f298-PATROL_Central_Operator;#cos#svcs#PATROL_CSERVER_SCAR;#cos#cli#_LS009311_3884_00C8FF98&#58;;&#58; Line# 1&#58; Unexpected identifier `tcp'. <br />%PSL command failed to compile. <br />

                  Adam this phmColl command requires the PATROL Infrastructure Monitor KM 7.5.xx to be installed on your system
                  and can be run from a DOS window, or from the $PATROL_HOME/bin directory. The value of localhost could be substituted for any host in the cloud running an RT server.

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                    Adam, I forgot to mention that with this command you can only get the connection status of the servers connected to the RTserver cloud.

                    In order to get CPU info maybe in Sun you can execute prtconf, uname -a, psrinfo -V, prtconf & uname -X, in AIX prtconf tells you all about configuration.


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                      Adam Lewis

                      Adam this phmColl command requires the PATROL Infrastructure Monitor KM 7.5.xx to be installed on your system and can be run from a DOS window, or from the $PATROL_HOME/bin directory. The value of localhost could be substituted for any host in the cloud running an RT server."

                      Thanks ranrodrig,

                      Where would I find this KM? I've got the latest full release of Performance Manager, including all the central operator stuff. Would it be part of the Patrol for UNIX/LINUX?


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                        This km is part of "BMC Performance Manager Console 7.5.60" (former Patrol Central) that you can download from the www.bmc.com/ega site, but you have to ask your account manager the user/password in order to download it, or get a soft copy of this software.


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                          Hi Adam , sorry but Ive been off work for a while and have just started a new role , PM or post your mail address and I will mail you a copy of the type of target host matrix I use , there is no automation in it yet , but that could easily be achived if you have a queryable (is that a word?, doesnt look right) datasource.....

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                            Queryable?  Nah, that's definitely not a real word Stuart! 

                            Stuart's right. Keeping a manual track of your installs is best. You could use a CMDB with discovery tools if you have such things in your enterprise, but in the absence of that BMC, oddly, don't provide a standard way for Performance Manager users to summarise licenses.

                            We use a set of known commands to pull back number of CPUs from the system output window (or from the server itself). There are logged in a custom SQL database, but a spreadsheet would do!

                            Another possible is to write some kind of audit KM that populates a "number of processors" parameter and run an Agent query on that parameter. This was how I USED to manage this, but you have to include the KM in your standard build.

                            One thing to be careful about with modern servers is multi-core processors. These are reported differently on different architectures.


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                              Awight Wintler  :!:  , thought I recognised that username  :D

                              Dont forget the Perl4Patrol utility thats out there somewhere too.... free also.

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                                I'd be interested in your one-liner - does it work for both windows and unix?

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                                  sorry - wrong forum.

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                                    sorry to keep posting here, but I have the same mess when trying to keep track of VU's. I wrote a shell script for our unix systems:

                                    <br />UN=`uname -a`<br />OS=`echo $UN|cut -d' ' -f1`<br />host=`echo $UN|cut -d' ' -f2`<br /><br />#echo &quot;OS = $OS&quot;<br /><br />case $OS in<br />    AIX&#41;<br />        PROCS=`lscfg|grep  proc|wc -l`<br />        UM=`uname -M`<br />        MANUF=`echo $UM|cut -d',' -f1`<br />        MODEL=`echo $UM|cut -d',' -f2`<br />        break<br />        ;;<br />    SunOS&#41;<br />        PROCS=`psrinfo|wc -l`<br />        MANUF=&quot;Sun&quot;<br />        MODEL=`uname -a|cut -d',' -f2`<br />        break<br />        ;;<br />    Linux&#41;<br />        PROCS=`grep proc /proc/cpuinfo|wc -l`<br />        MANUF=`grep machine /proc/cpuinfo|cut -d',' -f1|awk '&#123;print $4&#125;'`<br />        MODEL=`grep machine /proc/cpuinfo|cut -d',' -f2`<br />        if &#91; -z &quot;$MANUF&quot; &#93;; then<br />            MANUF=&quot;Sun&quot;<br />            MODEL=`arch`<br />        fi<br />        break<br />        ;;<br />    *&#41;<br />        echo &quot;unknown OS&#58; $OS&quot;<br />        break<br />        ;;<br />esac<br /><br />echo &quot;$host, $PROCS, $MANUF, $MODEL&quot;<br />

                                    I send it to the hosts, run it on each, and collect the data. Does anyone have something better?