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      I need to install BMC AR REMEDY 7.6.04 on server and then CMDB on it and then ITSM whoie suit.


      Can anybody help in what are minimum requirements for AR 7.6.04 >>CMDB >> ITSM.


      Server is linux for the reference

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          Shantanu Ballal

          Hi Rahul,


          Please go through the installation guides for AR Server,CMDB and ITSM. It contains  the information for all the requirements prior to installation.




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            Hi Shantanu,


            yes i have gone through all the documents earlier. My question is there

            single hardware/software requirements mentioned anywhere as i need to

            install all them on LINUX server.


            One more query i need to ask like can we install all these at one go

            like BMC ITSM suite for 7.6.04 installs ARS,CMDB and ITSM modules at one

            go . Are there any issues or should we do one by one seperately.





            *RAHUL ***

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              Shantanu Ballal

              Hi Rahul,


              Yes you can install AR Server, CMDB,ITSM, SRM,SLM, and RKM at one go using the preconfigured stack installer for 7.6.04. You can download the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite Preconfigured Stack Installer 7.6.04 for Red Hat Linux 5 Update 5 on Oracle 11g from EPD.


              As you want it to install on Linux you need below hardware requirement for preconfigured installer:


              1. Minimum 12 GB free disk space for the installation directory.
              2. Minimum 8 GB free space for local database and remote database.
              3. For Red Hat Enterprise Linux Minimum of 2.5 GB free space in the /tmp directory or /tmp file system.
              4. 3 GHz dual processor.
              5. Minimum of 3 GB free RAM during installation; 8 GB RAM during runtime; 8 GB main memory for optimal performance.
              6. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (Update 5) (64-bit) with Oracle 11g (64-bit)
              7. 64-bit JRE and 64-bit JDK



              Please note that BMC remedy ITSM Suite preconfigured stack installer supports only Unicode

              database servers.


              There can be issues with SSI but its a good practice if you want all components at one go. If you do not have SSI then you can install it one by one with the regular installers.





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                Thanks Shantanu for such immediate help.


                I will again bug you for issues if u dnt have any problem and trust me

                you will be the last resort. I will not bug you so often.



                *RAHUL ***

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                  Shantanu Ballal


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