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    Installing Mobility on an ARS Server

      Hello community


      I am struggling with the installation of ITSM Mobility. Our situation is that on the selected Web server ARS is already installed.

      Our intention was: We want ARS and Mobility on the same Web server.

      ARS works without any issues and has an Apache Tomcat running on.


      I did the step-by-step manual to install ITSM Mobility.

      1) I sucessfully went through the "A Windows Server 2008 support Pre Install Steps" and afterwards the firewall changes
      2) As ARS needs Apache Tomcat there was no need for disabling any services like IIS Admin Service and so on.
      In fact, there is no service IIS Admin Service or similar services
      3) I installed a new MySQL server 5.1 instance without any problems. The service of my MySQL server appears.
      4) I started with the Mobility Installation and everything worked fine until
      5) Apache webserver installation:
      I could have typed Network Domain, Server Name and an administrators email address. I have seen in a documentation, I should choose "only for the Current User, on Port 8080, when started Manually" as we only have SSL. Our server does not allow connections on Port 80. I need a way, how I can use mobility on a SSL base, as we don't support connections to the server without SSL.
      6) Afterwards the whole installation process worked fine. In the fields IP I typed in in ARS the same IP as in Mobility as it should run on the same Web server. I did not startet the part "Step 3: Windows Server 2008 support post-installation steps" as I wanted to check the Apache service. But apparently ther is no http service at all. Only a Apache Tomcat service appears and this service is already in use for the ARS. When I type https://<servername>.<hostname>.com/awg/ nothing appears.


      Has anyone ideas how I can install it properly?


      I am thankful for every ideas from your site.







      I created a new service for Tomcat running on a free port. When I type http://localhost:PortNumber I come to the localhost. But when I type http://localhost:PortNumber/awg/ there is no result. It states that the page is not available. The same procedure appears when I am typing http://<servername>.<domain>.com:PortNumber/awg/. Anyone ideas?

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          Can anyone tell me where your awg folder stays in your root? I assume should be in (Windows) "...\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs". This folder is with the exception of index.html completely empty. I guess that should not be the case.


          Thanks for any ideas




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            Pratik Nahata


                Looks like your Apache service was not installed. Apache service shows up as Apache 2.2 in control panel->serrvices.

            It can co-exist with Tomcat service and you can run it on any port with/without ssl.


            My recommendation would be to uninstall the product, instructions to uninstall are in the install guide.

            Then reinstall.



            awg is the alias for <Mobility install folder>/BMC Remedy ITSM - Mobility/doc folder

            Are you trying to manually update the httpd.conf file? There are a number of changes and best done by the installer.



            Pratik Nahata

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              Hi Pratik


              Many thanks for your assistance. In fact it has not installed Apache as a service.

              I manually modified the httpd.conf file, but only in the Port listener part of the file. I do not know if I have to modify more than this section of the httpd.conf file.


              At the moment it works http://localhost:PORTNUMBER/awg/.


              Has anyone knowledge how I can set the ports (and firewall?) that I can access from outside via SSL.




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                Pratik Nahata


                    Just getting awg working is not good enough . As i said looks like there was an issue at the time of install and the apache service and conf file was not configured. You will need to uninstall (as per docs) and reinstall.


                Regarding external access via firewall, you will need to talk to your network admin. The method depends on whether you have an F5 or a CISCO firewall etc.

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                  Hi Pratik


                  Many thanks for your information. After your first post I completely uninstalled the whole program with all its components. Afterwards installing again and in the wizzard I chose "Run Apache as a Service". Result was that a Apache Server service was installed where I had to change the httpd.conf-file. Afterwards awg works properly and I can connect to the Remedy Server within awg. Is there now something not good enough? Because basically it works. (I did not yet check it on a cellphone.)


                  I got the whole software and documentation with cellphone installation processes. But there was no documentation for android installations. Is there the app in the google store somewhere for downloading?


                  Thank you for the firewall hint, I will check that.




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                    Pratik Nahata


                       What apps are you trying to deploy? Incident, Approvals?

                    There are 3 three mobility platforms, based on the application you want to deploy and devices you want to use. Android clients are not supported on Classic.

                    They are supported on Mobility Best Practice (for SRM/Change Approvals) and Nextgen(Incidents and Approval Central)

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                      Thanks Pratik


                      I wanted to deploy Incident and SRM. We decided to uninstall the software from the same server as ARS is running. Instead, we installed it (that time Mobility Best Practice and not Classic any more) on a VM.


                      Currently I can connect via an iPad (App: BMC Requests) to my SRM plattform.

                      Problem 1: When I click top-right on the '+'-sign I wanna create a new request.

                      After clicking on that button the window 'Choose Category' appears. But there is no category. Altough we have in our ARS categories. Somewhere I read you have to go to the console and check about the categories.

                      Problem 2: I could not log into the console. http://localhost/console/ appears as in documentation printscreens. But then I had the same issue as https://communities.bmc.com/communities/message/249157#249157. Now I am logged in into the console.


                      Therefore my problem 2 is solved. My problem 1 could be solved soon. If it is solved, I will close this thread.


                      Many thanks Pratik for your help!


                      Best regards


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                        Pratik Nahata


                           Not all SRD'sare supported, if you review the release notes or docs it mentions that SRD's with conditional questions, dependent menus, AIF's are not supported.


                        Can you create a  simple test SR with text, radio's and see if that shows up? can you deploy some of the OOB sample SR's and see if they show up?

                        If these are not showing up we may need to engage BMC support to  review the issue.

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                          Hi Pratik


                          This was exactly the issue. I had a MultiPart question which is not supported by Mobility. I have changed that field to a normal textfield and now it works.

                          Many thanks Pratik for your help.


                          Best regards