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    Deleting Knowledge Sources

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to find out how to delete knowledge sources from RKM. The only way I have found so far is to delete them from the RKM:KnowledgeSource form, but I am pretty sure this does not take care of everything.


      The reason I say this is because I tried to remove one source this way but after starting to reindex I saw in the log files that the system is still indexing records from the form that I previously removed from RKM:KnowledgeSource.


      I know that BMC acknowledged this as an issue (not being able to delete a data source) and that this is supposed to be fixed in 7.7, but my question is if anyone knows of a workaround for this?


      Thanks in advanced for your help.



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          Laurent Matheo


          When I asked the support some time ago they told to delete the entry in:




          It when when I tried to create a data source from external folders.

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            try setting the RegistrationStatus to "Deleting" for that entry in RKM:KnowledgeSources.

            This might stop the Re-Indexing of that source.

            Let me know, if this helped.




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              Thanks for the quick replies so far.


              I am trying to delete a Searchable source (an AR form).


              I logged the workflow that gets triggered when you add a new source and delete all the entries I deleted related to the source I already removed from RKM:KnowledgeSources.


              Those include:








              Even with all records related to the given source removed for all of the forms listed above the source still gets indexed.

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                Hi JAK,


                I could not set the status of the source in the RKM:KnowledgeSources to "Deleting" since I previosly already deleted the entire record from this form.


                I added it back in however and than changed the status. Unfortunately the result is still the same. As soon as I enable the FTS indexer I see entries in the log file for a source that is not existing.

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                  Haven't look directly at the issue so aplogies if I am off base.


                  But isn't FTS indexing determined by field attributes on the source form in question.


                  If the FTS field attributes are set for FTS or MFS - does not the field get indexed?


                  Now with RKM, I believe there may be some workflow that tries to update the field attributes when updating Knowledge Source entries (adding or modifying).


                  With the issue of not having actual delete function in RKM for knowledge sources, it is possible that the source form field attributes are not getting updated  (remove FTS or MFS) when we manually delete the knowledge sources.


                  And If they are - possibly a re-cache is needed to update the FTS plugin with the latest FTS fields that require indexing.


                  I'll try and verify the behavior if I can.



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                    Thanks Allen,


                    Your suggestion proofed to be very useful. RKM indeed modifies the form/field properties of the object it is about to index. It actually strips all previous FTS/MFS settings before doing that. I ran into an issue in relation to that, which I was able to solve by changing the FTS/MFS properties directly in Developer Studio.