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    Portal URL

    chao liu

      Hi all,


            Sorry for my unprofessional question,that is,when we access the portal using the IP address,it will always turn to hostname address.

      for example,I access  ,it will automatically turn to https://xy-v-portal01.com,and if I didnt add them into hosts,it will not access the hostname URL.so my question is how to make it not turn to hostname,only we can access the IP address without adding the hosts to parse the hostname.




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          Jonathan Coop

          Could you explain a bit more what you want to achieve? The translation between ip and hostname is done by DNS or the hosts file. If the ip address cannot be resolved then only the ip address can be used. This outside of BMC products. Jon


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            chao liu

            Hi Jon

                 Thanks,What I mean is that I just wanna access the portal  only by IP without DNS and hosts file,because if I access portal by IP ,it will automatically turn to hostname address,and if without DNS and hosts file,the portal page cant be accessed.