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    Changing the Support Org - impacts to SRM

    Rob Cvetkovski

      Hello All,


      I wanted to change a Support Organization using the Data Wizard.

      How does that impact any SRs that are already created?


      I noticed that using the Data Wizard it does not identify any of the SR backend forms when it completes the rename.


      We are on ITSM 7.6.04 patch 2


      Is there anything we can do to get around this?
      Some of the SRs are submitting with Event Errors like - 1440105 "no change manager group could be found. Manually select a group from the menus. If no group with an individual in the functional role of infrastructure change manager is defined, notify your system administrator".


      Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Laurent Matheo

          Data Wizard doesn't go everywhere indeed... You'll need to identify and change some parts manually.

          Though seeing your error message it seems it's rather the auto-assign rules that aren't right anymore? Or you're assigning yourself the support groups in your SRD?

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            Carl Wilson


            Laurent is correct, the Data Wizard does not touch SRM or Work Order Management but it will update the underlying Foundation data.

            This means that the Assignment entries may have been updated, but the SRD and values selected will not - causing a mismatch.


            You could look at doing a bulk update from the base SRM forms using the "Modify All" functionality, but if you have hardcoded any values into questions/variables, these will have to be done by hand.


            Work Order Templates can also be bulk updated where needed.






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              Rob Cvetkovski

              Hi Carl,


              Thanks for the update. I was able to change the Change Templates (the Data Wizard changes the coordinator automatically, but it doesn't touch the change manager on any of the templates).


              Once I re-selected the Change Manager from the new Support Orgs and groups, it seemed to submit the SR fine.


              Now - i don't know what other impacts it would have.


              Carl - when you are referring to the questions/variables, would that mean if we have Support Orgs as variables or exposed to the SR; then that would impact that as well?

              Is there anywhere else in the SR process that this Support Org would impact?

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                Carl Wilson


                yes, if you have made any hardcoded values in the SRD's, then these will be affected also.  Any query menu value will be ok, but any menu that has had entries entered manually would need to be updated.

                It is not that common, but hardcoded mappings do occur for some exposed fields.