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    Secure Web Connection

    LJ LongWing

      I doubt this belongs in this community, but I'm not sure where else to place it.


      When I utilize this community, it's done over a secur connection (https).  My workstation is configured (and I can't change it) to prompt for a 'do you want to display the unsecure information' Yes/No dialog on EVERY single page I go to, when I'm moving anywhere on the site.  This prompt is not only VERY annoying, but I can't re-configure my machine to stop displaying the message, and it slows down my browsing of things significantly.


      Is there any way that whatever it is (probably something as simple as the BMC Software logo or something like that) be dual hosted on the un-secure as well as the secure host, and that the references from secure sites (this forum software) be to the secure one so that I can stop getting that really very annoying popup?