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      • 15. SCCM Integration with CMDB
        Carlos Luz

        Just to comment on my recent experience with Seamless in a recent project.


        I had never worked with Seamless before, but just 2 days were enough for me to become very familiar with it and to have the integration working. Adding to the normal stuff expected, it is even capable of more advanced stuff, like creating user to CI relationships directly from Seamless (without need for workflow).


        Support from Seamless team was also very responsive and extremelly useful.

        • 16. Re: SCCM Integration with CMDB


          Can you describe the type of datya you placed in the tables?

          What I need to do is a daily check on Desktops and the software loaded on each (in SCCM) and then transfer that data into CMDB. Ibviously a large initial load but then daily delta updates only.

          Is this the kind of data you are describing?

          Can you advise how we'd achieve this?



          • 17. Re: SCCM Integration with CMDB

            Hello Alec,

            I can tell you that the data handled by the Seamless product for SCCM includes the tables (classes) BMC_ComputerSystem, BMC_Product (for installed Software), BMC_OperatingSystem, BMC_Processor, BMC_DiskDrive, BMC_LANEndpoint. The data elements includes such info as the machine name, model, manufacturer, physical memory, and serial number.  For the software the data elements includes Software name, publisher, installed location, and user-owner where these elements are available.


            This data can be fully loaded initially and daily updates would be delta loads.


            To do this just contact Seamless Technologies, Inc at Sales@seamlessti.com.

            • 18. Re: SCCM Integration with CMDB
              Serge Pouliquen

              Hi, I'm currently out of office with limited access to email. I will be back on Wednesday, 2nd August. For urgent matter, please call me on my mobile +33 6 08 93 46 89


              Serge Pouliquen

              • 19. Re: SCCM Integration with CMDB
                Adrian Buckley

                I will be out of office and traveling from July 25th returning August 23rd - there may be delays in my e-mail responses. I am available on a limited basis through August 10th, then working remotely until Aug 23rd.


                Please contact salesseamlessti.com.



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                • 20. Re: SCCM Integration with CMDB

                  Hi Folks,

                  I'd like some advice on SCCM2007 to CMDB 7.5 Integration.

                  We're trying to transfer Desktop hardware and related software applications to CMDB.


                  I've been viewing BMC discussions but can't find answers to specific questions like:

                  1. Does Microsoft support the direct access to SCCM SQL databases? We had trouble even connecting with write access from AIE.

                  2. Does the latest version of SMS2CMDB (1.62?) support SCCM 2007? If using this adapter what happens when we upgrade to SCCM 2012 or table schema changes, does it need to be reprogrammed?

                  3. Can such an integration be achieved using AIE only (may take more time I'm sure!) or do you need to use SMS2CMDB adapter or Orchestrators?

                  4. How do we pull across details of software applications loaded on each Desktop?


                  Would appreciate support on these issues.


                  Many thanks,


                  • 21. Re: SCCM Integration with CMDB


                    Has anyone had experience of using AIE to copy data into AtriumCMDB (7.5) from SCCM 2007?


                    I really would like some help with Data mappings, in particular how to schedule the associated exchanges so that you pick all the Desktop devices that SCCM has detected and then all the related Software applications for each detected Desktop?

                    Also, how do you schedule and then connect the ComputerSystem CI to the related processor/OS/Disk/enclosure CIs?

                    Appreciate any help possible?



                    • 22. Re: SCCM Integration with CMDB
                      Antonello Tarsia


                      one of our customers is using the Seamless Data Pump.

                      We should consult the "Seamless Data Pump Administrator's Guide, v3.1" file to obtain more details on functions used in the "Formatted DB Field".

                      Can you help me to know how download this guide?

                      Thank you so much.



                      • 23. Re: SCCM Integration with CMDB
                        Adrian Buckley



                        Please contact me directly via e-mail and I will send you the relevant guide. I'll need to know customer name to be able to determine support status.






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