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    SMPM Installation

    Fernando Negre



      Anyone has install this module? I can install properly but after that when I want to open it, appears:


      ActiveSite Compiler


      It seems that runtime is corrupted (7). Try downloading fresh copy from the manufacturer of the program





      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance

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          Shantanu Ballal

          This does not seem like a remedy or SMPM error. It is something related with the ActiveSite Compiler which works for web site compilation. When are you getting this error exactly ?




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            Fernando Negre

            I open the SMPM folder

            C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\BMC Software\SMPM


            and when I try to open SMPM.exe appears this message


            Have you installed this app?. It is integrated with ITSM.


            In the guide says:

            To perform the procedures described in the guide, you must have accessibility to,

            and know how to use, the following applications or application files:

            - BMC SMPM (application files)

            - Microsoft Visio 2007

            - Microsoft Image Composer

            - Microsoft Word

            - Microsoft Excel

            - HTML editor


            Has anyone install and has experience on SMPM??

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              Shantanu Ballal

              Hi Fernando,


              Yes I have installed it and it is integrated with ITSM as well. In my enviornment there is no file "smpm.exe" at the path mentioned by you,instead it has a shorcut for SMPM which goes to index.htm file located at C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCServiceManagementProcessModel\SMPM.


              Have you copied the contents from C:\Program Files\BMCSoftware\BMCServiceManagementProcessModel\SMPM

              directory to your web server directory ( C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat6.0\webapps\ROOT) after installing SMPM?


              After copying the contents, open the form SYS:Integration Management from user tool. Here you will find the entries related to different ITSM application with SMPM. Make sure for each entry you have defined a correct HOST name and PORT. Also check if the entries are enabled or not.





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                Fernando Negre

                Ok, but in the SMPM installation I have not files like this http://sremedy:8080/arsys/SMPM/Incident/Incident_Process_Frames.htm for example.

                So i copy them to root tomcat but the file is not found.




                Do you have this files in your installation? Is it a corrupt installation?

                I am installing BMCServiceManagementProcessModel_eval, It is the evaluation release, but I guess it has to be enough in order to open it

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                  Shantanu Ballal

                  I have a full version of SMPM and not the evalution one. I am not that much aware about this evalution version. As you said that you do not have the .htm files (and may not the folders as well for various ITSM modules) then it could be a corrupt installation. Have tried checking the installation logs ( From C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCServiceManagementProcessModel\Utilities -> Maintanance tool.) check if there are any installation errors.


                  Which version of SMPM are you using? The installer is for service support and not for service delivery right?