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    User Access Management

      What is everyone using for access management (account creations, changes, deactivations/locks, etc?). Do you use tickets to be notified of when a new user needs to be created in systems? Do you use a 3rd party program? Something proprietary?

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          Brad McClave

          Whenever a we get a new employee, have an employee transfer, or have an employee separation, our HR department sends out an email announcement.  We have Track-it configured to create a ticket when this happens.  For new employees, the HRperson will respond to the email generated by Track-it with the pertinent information we need to setup the user on our systems.  For employee transfers, we email the manager receiving the employee asking them to fill out a form outlining access, permissions, etc.  For employee separations, we just process them accordingly, no additional info needed.

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            Cris Coffey

            Most users have a New Hire template in Track-It! which spawns all the required work orders and assignments and assigns them to the appropriate people which generates email notifications to those responsible parties to which they can reply with the required information as brodiemac mentioned.

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              We use the exact method that Cris mentions with the addition of an email monitor policy.