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    rootdir option in RSCD for Linux not working

    Vinnie Lima

      Hi There,


      We need access to a Red Hat Linux system and the system owner wants to chroot us to a specific directory (lets say /home/myuser).  We configured the exports and users.local file to use:


      *   ro,rootdir=/home/myuser,user=myuser




      RBACAdmins:RBACAdmin    ro,rootdir=/home/myuser,map=myuser
      BLAdmins:BLAdmin        ro,
      System:System           ro,



      When I try to do a livebrowse of the File System in BSA, it comes up blank. Looking at the target's rscd.log, the last command it tries is "getting root dir" but no errors are recorded.


      We validated that /home/myuser has read privileges (both /home and /home/myuser).


      If we remove the rootdir completely from exports and users.local, File System livebrowse works.


      Using BSA 8.1 SP2 and agent version on Red Hat Linux 5.8 x86_64.