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    ARERR [9391] plug-in "SRSServiceRequestConsole" does not exist

    Sergio Tomillero

      Good evening,


      Trying to generate a Request Entry, I am getting error. The steps I do are the next:

      From IT Home > Service Request Managment > Request Entry . Just at that momento,  the next error message appears:

      ARERR [9391] The requested plug-in "SRSServiceRequestConsole" does not exist in the list of Data Visualization Module Server(s) in the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool.

      We have reviewed all configurations and they seem right. In Midtier configuration, data visualization module server is set with the name of the server. In both Remedy and SRM application configuration the default web path is set correctly.


      Any idea?


      ARServer / ITSM 7.6.04


      Thank you in advance,

      Sergio Tomillero

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