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    Version 11 - Known Issues?

    Patrick Ott

      We upgraded to version 11 on Sunday night.  We've had a few issues here and there and I'm trying to determine if they are bugs or issues in our configuration:


      1. When creating a ticket, we start all tickets as assigned to the person and their team.  In Version 10, the individual was listed under their team as if they were on the team.  In version 11, they are listed above the team as if they are an individual and the team is separate.  While this isn't a big problem, there was a nice feature added in 11 that when you remove a team, it will warn you it will also remove all the members under the team.  Because of the way 11 is defaulting the assignment, this feature is not being utilized.
      2. When viewing a ticket in expand/collapse view, you are able to designate certain sections as expanded or collapsed in different modes (details/edit/creation).  These are changed in preferences.  It appears that any custom added tab is not affected by these preferences and will always default to collapsed.  The other, built-in sections seem to work fine.
      3. Load times for tickets seem to be MUCH longer.  Starting a new ticket takes 6-8 seconds for the full page to load where it was more like 2-3 seconds in version 10.  I noticed this during our test, but I thought it was related to running on a VM with hardware below recommendations.  In our live environment, it's equally as slow and the hardware is well beyond recommendations and the same hardware as version 10.  What can affect the load times of the pages?
      4. We've seen various script errors over the last few days.  I don't have any specific examples available to me at the moment, but are these common?  Typically we are seeing them when editing a ticket, either during creation or updating, and it prevents us from saving the ticket.  The only solution, once these errors start, is to quit IE and go back in.  Note: our PCs default to run in compatibility mode in IE8 due to internally developed applications.  Is this not recommended?
      5. Simple issue, but still caused some confusion.  When adding a CI link, it prompts "Are you sure?" with a Yes/No option.  In version 10, you could press Enter on the keyboard and it would be the "Yes" choice, but it version 11, it seems to default to "No."  Of course, clicking Yes works, but was this changed intentionally, or a bug?



      I think that's all I have.  Anyone have any thoughts?



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          Hi Patrick,


          1.  This definitely looks like a bug.  FootPrints Service Core 11 should assign the agent under the team like it did in version 10.  I suggest submitting this to tech support as a bug.


          2.  I'm not experiencing this in the latest cumulative update to 11.1.  I created a new tab/section and added a field and FootPrints defaulted it to expanded.  Are you on the cumulative update?


          3.  The latest cumulative update, http://support.numarasoftware.com/support/articles.asp?how=%20AND%20&mode=detail&kcriteria=6112&ID=6247, fixes the load times on the create/edit page when using tabbed mode.  The specific KB article for this issue is here:  http://support.numarasoftware.com/support/articles.asp?ID=6274&mode=detail


          4.  Script errors aren't typical.  These could be related to any JavaScript field headers you've added or perhaps a bug with the product, but I would need to see the details (view source of the page as well as details of the error) before I can say what's causing it for certain.


          5.  Where are you adding the CI link?  On a ticket or directly in the CMDB?  I tested on the ticket and I wasn't prompted for a Yes/No.





          Michael Santos
          Software Consultant
          BMC Software

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            Patrick Ott

            Hi Mike, thanks for your reply.


            1. Ok, will do.  I checked our test environment and we had the same behavior there, as well as in other workspaces within our live environment.
            2. We are on the latest cumulative update as that update was critical to our migration to version 11 due to the "Agents can create issues in Open status although role is set to not allow it" issue that it resolved.  I just checked and verfied the problem.  I have a tab called "Ticket Information" and no matter how I set my preferences for whether to default that tab to expanded or not, it's always collapsed.  Other individuals reported this issue to me first and I can reproduce it in IE8 or IE9, Chrome and Firefox.
            3. The slowness is the same if we're in tabbed or expand/collapse view.  It appears to be a server response issue when I monitor the connection with HTTPWatch.  It takes about 5 seconds for request and response to go through and total ticket load time is just over 5 seconds.  This is an improvement over yesterday when it was consistenly longer and techs have mentioned to me already that it is faster today.  So maybe it was higher traffic?  I'll keep an eye on it.
            4. I'll try to get some sample errors and post back.
            5. We have a CI Links tab in our ticket window.  The techs click Add Link and select "From Keyword Search."  They type in the asset number and click search.  They click to highlight the asset and then click Return Selections at the top.  When they return to the ticket, they get this:


            If they click Enter on the keyboard, the box closes as if they've hit No.  In Version 10, if they did this, it would be as if they hit Yes and add the asset to the CI links section.  Like I said, minor inconveinence but I had techs thinking the CI links process wasn't working as they were in the habit of simply hitting enter.  If I can suppress this prompt, that would be great.



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              Patrick Ott

              Some updates:


              #1:  Ticket will be submitted soon.


              #2:  We've also noticed that not all tabs are showing in the preferences list.  I'm thinking something isn't right here...  And maybe this relates to issue #4 below.


              #3:  This is continuing to fluctuate in load times, never dropping below 5 seconds, but still seeing spikes at times of 7-8+ seconds for the pages to load.  I monitored the connection and checked with one of our security guys who is more familiar with the monitoring tool and he told me the tool is indicating it's a request/response delay on the server.  The server is on a local network.  I assume there's no known issues and I would need to address that with my network team?


              #4: Here's an error one of my techs can reproduce when in expand/collapse view:

              Webpage error details

              User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C; Tablet PC 2.0)
              Timestamp: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 20:09:54 UTC

              Message: Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus.
              Line: 38
              Char: 32
              Code: 0
              URI: https://footprints.penske.com/tmp/javascript/expandCollapse.js?VERSION=11.1.0-9

              This error only comes up as soon as he expands one of the tabs.  The tab has some fields that I was hiding using javascript in 10 and duplicated in 11.  Interestingly, I tried removing the javascript code and the fields are staying hidden.  That seems like a problem...


              #5:  Nothing new here, any ideas?