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7.6.04 set nextid=100000000000 doesn't work

Luciano Muller Nicoletti



I need to reserve first IDs for imported incidents from old system into the new one, and then reset the incident ID counter to INC100000000000.


So I stopped arsystem then ran the following query :


update arschema set nextid=100000000000 where name = 'HPD:Help Desk';

update arschema set nextid=100000000000 where name = 'HPD:CFG Ticket Num Generator';



Then restarted arsystem, but when I create a new incident, I get a weird Incident ID number  = INC001410065410 instead of

INC100000000001 ...


For information, that's a clean installation of ITSM 7.6.04 SP2, there is no incidents created on the system yet and "Next ID Block Size" = 10 ;


I noticed that if I set nextid=1000000000 (9 zeros) instead of nextid=100000000000 (11 zeros) it works fine or, in other words, it works fine with nextid  INC001000000000  but not with nextid INC100000000000.


Any help would be appreciated.