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    Knowledge Base Optimization

    Dwight Snethen

      Anyone using the FootPrints knowledgebase and if so, any optimization

      suggestions? Especially for keyword searches. We have been benchmarking and so

      far the search times are slow. Below is what we are seeing as compared to our

      current provider. This is searching against 450 articles and will eventually

      search against 1400.


      We compared to other  college and universities FootPrints KB's and their ranges were between 1.7 seconds and 3 seconds accross all browsers with anywhere from 300 articles to 720.


      Header 1Header 2Header 3


      FootPrintsCurrent Provider
      IE21.9 seconds2.8 seconds
      Firefox10 - 29 seconds2.8 seconds
      Chrome10 - 14 seconds2.8 seconds