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    Parent WO for Assignment

    Grzegorz Harmas

      We're starting to use the Assignments a little more, but I can't find one thing I think would be useful: go to the parent Work Order from the Assignment level, or at least the way of finding this Work Order. Am I missing something, or is it not possible?

        • 1. Parent WO for Assignment
          Cris Coffey

          On the Assignement Work Order screen, click the button next to the Assignment Number to go to the parent Work Order.



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            Brett Schneider

            We use this feature to keep track of projects that involve different IT staff.  I open a parent work order at the beginning of a project.  I then create assignments for different phases or needs of the project.



            Parent work order: Replace Server

            Assignment 1:  Purchase server

            Assignment 2:  Test server

            Assignment 3:  Deploy


            We keep track of hours in the assignments, and the parent work order sums the totals of the hours.

            • 3. Parent WO for Assignment
              Grzegorz Harmas

              We use it in slightly different way: the team gets requests to set up events for sale. Because they usually run for some time, there often are changes: new prices, deals, discounts etc. to set up after the original event went live. All these additional requests go as assignments, so the whole history is clearly visible.