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      • 15. DataImport.bat
        Laurent Matheo

        Check in the directory "/7.6/Logs/" if you have any error files, generated by the import process.

        If there is nothing special and, as Carl said, that the csv files aren't empty, try to copy those csv files in the "/7.5/csv/" folder and try importing again.

        • 16. DataImport.bat

          The CSV's files are no empty. I'll try to copy all the CSV's files into the folder "7.5\ CSV\(...)" and i'm going to try again.

          • 17. Re: DataImport.bat

            I found this error in the directory "/7.6/Logs/":


            INFO - AR System Import Tool 7.5.00 18/07/2012 20:33:20

            INFO - Using data file as specified on the command line: C:\Archivos de programa\BMC Software\DataManagementClient\7.6\CSVs\Foundation\COM-Company.csv

            INFO - C:\Archivos de programa\BMC Software\DataManagementClient\7.6\Mappings/COM-Company.arm :


            SchemaName: COM:LoadCompany



            Import-File-Format: 2

            Import-Field-Titles: 1


            Bad-Record-Handling: 0

            Duplicate-Id-Handling: 0

            Strip-White-Space: 1

            Truncate-Values: 0

            Disable-Required-ness: 0

            Disable-Pattern: 0

            Allow-Too-Many-Fields: 0

            Allow-Too-Few-Fields: 1

            Mapping: 260100006=$Budget Code$

            Mapping: 260000001=$Category$

            Mapping: 1000000001=$Company$

            Mapping: 1000000071=$Abbreviation$

            Mapping: 260000018=$Email$

            Mapping: 260000016=$Hot Line$

            Mapping: 260000014=$Notes$

            Mapping: 1000000006=$Type$

            Mapping: 260000019=$Web Page$

            Mapping: 260100007=$Cost Center$

            Mapping: 240600036=$Currency$

            Mapping: 1000000000=$Description$

            Mapping: 260100108=$Hours of Operation$

            Mapping: 1000003965=$Menu Structure Tier 1$

            Mapping: 1000003966=$Menu Structure Tier 2$

            Mapping: 1000003967=$Menu Structure Tier 3$

            Mapping: 7=$Status$

            Mapping: 240600035=$Time Zone$

            Mapping: 301600300=$DataTags$




            INFO - Bad Record handling was set to alert the user, but no mechanism is available to do so. Switching bad record handling to skip records

            INFO - Starting import of C:\Archivos de programa\BMC Software\DataManagementClient\7.6\CSVs\Foundation\COM-Company.csv

            ERROR - Cannot import, exception occured while importing C:\Archivos de programa\BMC Software\DataManagementClient\7.6\CSVs\Foundation\COM-Company.csv

            • 18. DataImport.bat
              Laurent Matheo

              That's all?

              Which version of JRE (java) do you have on your desktop? 1.6.x?

              • 19. DataImport.bat

                That error appear in every file of the logs directory.


                The version of java is 1.6.0

                • 20. DataImport.bat
                  Laurent Matheo

                  Weird. Why is it pointing to "C:\Archivos de programa\BMC Software\DataManagementClient\7.6\CSVs\Foundation\COM-Company.csv" if you installed a new data management tool?

                  Did you reinstall it in the same folder?

                  Did you change the "Data Management Tool" path when you try to import in aruser?

                  • 21. DataImport.bat

                    I uninstalled Data Management Tool and Data import and DeveloperStudio, then I installed again all the aplications on the same folder.

                    • 22. DataImport.bat
                      Laurent Matheo

                      Ok. And so csvs are in "/7.6/csvs/" ? or in the "/7.5/csvs/" folder?

                      • 23. DataImport.bat
                        Carl Wilson


                        if you are receiving a "Bad Record" error, then you need to look into the spreadsheets to ensure you have completed them correctly.

                        Also, you can import them manually using the import tool and the mapping files found in the directories to see what it is not happy with - most likely a field format or missing data.






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