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    Mirroring Status


      We have two servers with Control-M application.
      Server A is our primary (production) site (with Control-M Server and Control-M EM installation) and server B our backup site (with the same Control-M installation as server A).
      Both servers are Linux 5.4 and the databases are PostgreSQL.
      Between Control-M servers (ctrlm databases) we hade mirroring enabled.

      The Mirror Status is enabled but after each new date time the Mirror Status is damge.

      Does this mean that the status of mirror to secondary DB is down? and how can fix this issue ?

      Please help me with this problem

      Our technical Specifications:
      Control-M 6.4.01
      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 (Linux 2.6 18-164.el5)
      DB: PostgreSQL V: