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Mirroring Status

Mohammed NameToUpdate


We have two servers with Control-M application.
Server A is our primary (production) site (with Control-M Server and Control-M EM installation) and server B our backup site (with the same Control-M installation as server A).
Both servers are Linux 5.4 and the databases are PostgreSQL.
Between Control-M servers (ctrlm databases) we hade mirroring enabled.

The Mirror Status is enabled but after each new date time the Mirror Status is damge.

Does this mean that the status of mirror to secondary DB is down? and how can fix this issue ?

Please help me with this problem

Our technical Specifications:
Control-M 6.4.01
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 (Linux 2.6 18-164.el5)
DB: PostgreSQL V:

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    rasto danis

    have you contacted support ? we had previously used oracle db for mirroring without such problems, maybe postgress sync has some problems

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    Chinmoy NameToUpdate

    I would like to know the progress on this. How postgresql with mirroring perform? Is there any over head in production?

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    Mohamed Rashid

    Mohammed ,


    Mirroring will be damaged , if there is any network connectivity issues, or CTM utility you ran on Primary DB and but dint run on secondary,


    can paste here if any error you see in proclog or mirror_log,


    and let me know what are the steps that you performed for mirroring?

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    baran abdaha

    Hi, i am sorry to interrupt.


    Rashid, what do you mean ctm utility only run in primary could damage the mirror? is there any specific list of command & how to deal with it?


    Thank you.




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    Ga Eul

    May be you didn't run the following command on host computer i.e,



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    baran abdaha

    thanks Ga,

    but i was not running those command.

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    Vikas Jha

    I agree with Mohamed Rashid, Mirroring is damaged if there is network issue between the main server and mirrored server.


    Secondly make sure that the Control-M on the mirrored database are down. If Control-M services are running on Mirrored database it damages the mirroring.


    From the Primary server type the below command and leave it for a day and look for the connection breakout logs next day.


    ping  <mirrored server ip>  -t  >> d:\pingresult.txt


    Or you may have some sort of monitoring device in your environment which will notify you about any network outage between these servers. Other will just collect the data using ping command and check the next day.