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    Notification Change Password still sending after change done

    Carlos Aragon

      Hi, I had a issue with a customer.

      This happened only one day

      5 users called because they received a new notification after they changed their password.

      Administrator had to change manually in CTM:People form to stop the emails.

      Their password was changed every try.


      I could see the escalation User:LastPasswordChange that send notifications.

      Form is “User Password Change Redirector”

      It uses next qualification

      ('Applied PasswordEnformentEnabled'!=$NULL$) AND ('Disable Password Management'=$NULL) AND ('Force Password Change On Login'=$NULL$) AND ($DATES$>=('Last Password Change for Policy'+(('Applied No. Days before Expiration'-'Applied Number of Warning Days')*86400)))


      I am sure that flow is fine but something happened these day that some date didn´t change.


      Someone has had this issue some day.

      I really appreciate your help