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    Tagging Backbone to a CI in CMDB

      Hi All,


      My customer belongs to a Telecom Domain. we need to capture assets like Links, Gateways and Backbone in CMDB.


      While going through the CMDB Mapping guide, we came across the following classes where we can capture Links nad Gateways:

      1. Link:




      Prod Categorization Tier1 = Services,

      Prod Categorization Tier2 = Telecom and

      Prod Categorization Tier1 = Link


      2 Gateway:




      Prod Categorization Tier1 = Hardware,

      Prod Categorization Tier2 = Telecommunication and

      Prod Categorization Tier1 = Gateway


      Please can anyone confirm if this mapping would be correct. Also, I need the CMDB class where we can poulate Backbone information.


      Any help is much appreciated.




        • 1. Tagging Backbone to a CI in CMDB

          Hi Richa,


          As per my understanding backbone means network connectivity infrastructure, correct me if I am wrong.As you suggested you can use BMC_ConnectivitySegment or  BMC_IPConnectivity segment or BMC_ComputerSystem etc.. One way to find out more information about the appropriate class is by going through the "Class Description" for these classes. You can open the CMDB:Console to view that. Also, you can go through the Capability list to get as close as you can to get the right class


          Please share your thoughts.